Taken to the best of their abilities who is the strongest?

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by bottleneck, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. bottleneck

    bottleneck New Member

    If every character in Virtua Fighter 4 was played to the absolute best of their ability who would be the best?
  2. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    HAWK! /versus/images/icons/wink.gif
  3. Papeseh

    Papeseh Member

    Although I reckon Akira is meant to be the best char, Jacky would probably win it. Cos lifes a bitch just like him
  4. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Try <a target="_blank" href=http://virtuafighter.com/versuscity/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=versus&Number=21169&page=&view=&sb=&o=>this thread</a> for a lot of opinions on this.

    Keep in mind that in version C (PS2 version), some characters are a little stronger or weaker, so the rankings would be a little different... shun would drop a few, for example.

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