Tekken 4 joystick VS VF4 joystick: FIGHT!

Discussion in 'Console' started by YuniYoshi, Mar 15, 2002.

  1. YuniYoshi

    YuniYoshi Well-Known Member

    Anyone know which one of these are better? Ofcourse a
    specialized VF4 stick is preferred. Are these both from the same company?
  2. kbelanger

    kbelanger Member

    They're both made by Hori, a Japanese company, so they are basically the same, except for 4 buttons vs 3 buttons. Hori actually stopped making VF4 joysticks and started producing Tekken 4 joysticks (that is according to a supplier in Hong Kong I am dealing with to get the VF4 joysticks - it's taking forever and that's the response I got from them).
  3. YuniYoshi

    YuniYoshi Well-Known Member

    Ok well I ordered the Tekken one because it has more buttons and I plan on getting Tekken 4 when it comes out.
  4. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Tekken 4 stick has 6 gameplay buttons on it. VF4 has 3 gameplay buttons, and 5 small buttons lined on the top.

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