TFT Frustrations and some tidbits(Pai,Lion, Jacky)

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Nutlog, Feb 22, 2002.

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    Some notes after researching some stuff the other night...

    Jacky and Kage's kickflips, unlike Sarah's, are not capped in juggle damage, but scale properly. So Sarah does not get the easy 1/3 life, 2 hit combo, Jacky does (knee MC , kickflip).

    TFT combos seem to have their own damage formula (surprise, surprise).

    1)You cannot get a MC on your first hit from the TFT
    2)The TFT is considered to be a 0 damage launcher
    3)Damage scaling on succesive hits is not clean at all, so until I figure this thing out, I'm not going to post "sure" scaling numbers. It looks something like you get scaled progression of 77% on the first three hits from a TFT, 57% for the 4th, 47% from the 5th and I haven't gone much from beyond there, and the % number are so wierd, I'm hesistant to say that it's spot on.

    Messed around with Pai and Lion a bit as well...

    Odd Pai combos and series:

    f+K+G (MC), d+P, f+K+G, d+K,K
    f+K+G (MC), d+P, P,P,P,d+K (TR to avoid the last kick) (If you think they'll tech roll, throw out the trip to catch them)
    f+K+G (MC), d+P, f+P (FC), f,f+P,K
    f+K+G (MC), d+P, b+K+G
    (open stance only) f+K+G (MC), d+P, u/f+K,K (3 hits on the swallow) (best damage follow up so far)

    Odd Lion tidbit:

    Never mind the blurb before...figured it out...

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