Thanks, Bay Area VFers

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Wen, Mar 14, 2002.

  1. Wen

    Wen Member

    This is really late, but anyway thanks a lot for the welcome when I was there, I really appreciated it and had a lot of fun.

    That'll be Jason Cha, Howard, Akira, and Jenny, and especially Feixaq who let me crash at his place. (I accidentally brought home your keys, sorry.)

    Had a great time playing with you guys, and losing to Howard. (Damn Jacky!)
  2. siLEpai

    siLEpai Well-Known Member

    I had a ton of fun too! It was cool playing against your Jeffry. Although I'd rather play your Pai than get cannon ball butt bounced by your Jeffry! That was hella funny! I'll have to learn that move from you the next time you're visiting Cali4naiYAY! Again, nice meeting you. Definitely let me know if they have pink pai stix in Singapore. I'll gladly bake some curry dumplings in exchange =D

    P.S. - Too bad there's no double teaming in VF. Pai punches, Jeffry butt bounces . . . squashes Howard's Jacky *splat* =)
  3. Akira Taniguchi

    Akira Taniguchi Well-Known Member

    It was nice meeting you too. I had a great time fighting against your Jeffry. I don't see that many good Jeffry player so it was very interesting when I fought against you. Keep improving your Jeffry and we shall meet again. I'm just hoping that more people will try to join our VF4 group. I really had a great time eating pizza and playing VF.

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