The 2nd Ankoku Bujutsu-kai

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    The 2nd Ankoku Bujutsu-kai (Darkness Martial Arts Tournament) will see its final 8-man tournament held Sunday 23 August 2020. As a result of major offline events being cancelled due to the pandemic, this online-only event in being organised and hosted by Tetsuko and Homestay Akira. Read further for videos and brackets of the preliminary and qualification rounds held this past weekend, as well as information on how to catch the final tournament live streams in both Japanese and English.


    Preliminary Round
    Friday 14 August 2020
    A last chance qualifier was held with 7 players, in double-elimination format, where the top 2 would advance to the Qualification Rounds (Day 1 and 2).


    • Akikan (AK)
    • Julietta (SA)
    • Momo (KA)
    • Rodeo (KA)
    • Anpai (PA)
    • Kudoukun (GO)
    • Ginrou (WO)


    1st. Akikan (AK)
    2nd. Julietta (SA)

    Qualification Rounds
    The qualification tournament was held in a Round Robin format, and was held over two days. On each day, there were two groups and each group comprised of 3 players. The top 2 players from each group would advance to the Final Tournament which will be held the following week.

    Qualification Day 1
    Saturday 15 August 2020

    Group A Entrants
    • YOU (SA)
    • Hiragana de aoki (JA)
    • Buruha (JA)
    Group A Results

    Group B Entrants
    • Akikan (AK)
    • Jin (KA)
    • Itsuro (JE)
    Group B Results

    Qualification Day 1 Video

    Qualification Day 2
    Sunday 16 August 2020

    Group C Entrants
    • Julietta (SA)
    • Shark (VA)
    • Wasakon (LA)
    Group C Results

    Group D Entrants
    • Kejiko (GO)
    • Homestay Akira (AK)
    • Kumicho (WO)
    Group D Results

    : Since this group resulted in a 3-way tie, the group was re-run again:


    Qualification Day 2 Video

    Promotional Video

    Final Tournament
    Sunday 23 August 2020, 11:00 PM JST / 9:00 AM EST
    With the top 2 from each group advancing, the 8 entrants for the final tournament has now been determined and it's exciting to see that all 8 characters represented are unique!

    Group Stage Winner:
    • Buruha (SH)
    • Itsuro (JE)
    • Shark (VA)
    • Homestay Akira (AK)
    Group Stage Runner-Up:
    • Wasakon (LA)
    • Hiragana de Aoki (JA)
    • Kejiko (GO)
    • Jin (KA)
    Finals Format
    While the format for the finals is Single Elimination, the Winners from the group stage will carry an advantage in the first round: they only need win FT2 to advance, while the runners-up need to win FT3 to advance. After the first round, however, all remaining matches are FT3, including the grand final.


    Stream Information

    We'll be sure to keep you updated ahead of the Final Tournament for the latest updates, so stay tuned for that!

    The full results can be found in the challonge link above, while the final standings were as follows:

    1st. Homestay Akira (AK)
    2nd. Shark (VA)
    3rd. Buruha (SH), Itsuro (JE)
    5th. Hiragana de Aoki (JA), Jin (KA), Kejiko (GO), Wasakon (LA)

    As streamed by Tetsuko's Room on YouTube:

    00:18:40 - Homestay Akira (Akira) vs Hiragana de Aoki (Jacky)
    00:22:01 - Homestay Akira (Akira) vs Hiragana de Aoki (Jacky)
    00:29:26 - Itsuro (Jeffry) vs Kejiko (Goh)
    00:32:37 - Itsuro (Jeffry) vs Kejiko (Goh)
    00:39:03 - Shark (Vanessa) vs Jin (Kage)
    00:41:13 - Shark (Vanessa) vs Jin (Kage)
    00:44:10 - Shark (Vanessa) vs Jin (Kage)
    00:47:35 - Shark (Vanessa) vs Jin (Kage)
    00:54:17 - Buruha (Shun) vs Wasakon (Lau)
    00:57:04 - Buruha (Shun) vs Wasakon (Lau)
    01:04:58 - Itsuro (Jeffry) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    01:08:21 - Itsuro (Jeffry) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    01:11:19 - Itsuro (Jeffry) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    01:13:46 - Itsuro (Jeffry) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    01:17:20 - Itsuro (Jeffry) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    01:22:55 - Buruha (Shun) vs Homestay Akira (Akira)
    01:25:52 - Buruha (Shun) vs Homestay Akira (Akira)
    01:29:07 - Buruha (Shun) vs Homestay Akira (Akira)
    01:31:12 - Buruha (Shun) vs Homestay Akira (Akira)
    01:35:50 - Buruha (Shun) vs Homestay Akira (Akira)
    01:41:23 - Homestay Akira (Akira) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    01:44:30 - Homestay Akira (Akira) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    01:47:11 - Homestay Akira (Akira) vs Shark (Vanessa)

    As streamed by NYC Furby on Twitch:

    00:22 - Homestay Akira (Akira) vs Hiragana De Aoki (Jacky)
    07:39 - Itsuro (Jeffry McWild) vs Kejiko (Goh)
    14:28 - Shark (Vanessa) vs Jin (Kage)
    26:56 - Buruha (Shun Di) vs Wasakon (Lau)
    33:35 - Itsuro (Jeffry McWild) vs Shark (Vanessa)
    49:12 - Buruha (Shun Di) vs Homestay Akira (Akira)
    1:04:16 - Homestay Akira (Akira) vs Shark (Vanessa)
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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Aug 17, 2020.

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