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The A-to-Z of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown by Wireman FGC

Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Chanchai, Jun 17, 2021.

By Chanchai on Jun 17, 2021 at 3:29 AM
  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    UPDATE: I have replaced the embedded videos (except the first one above) with links for two reasons.
    1) Less resource intensive on everyone's web browser.
    2) These videos are worth watching on YouTube and if you like them, you should like and maybe even subscribe ^_^


    I am honestly really enjoying this ongoing series by Wireman FGC!

    Please spread the word, these videos do take time to create and edit and Wireman FGC has worked out the concept and executed it well so far! These bite-sized conceptual videos really will help a lot of friends better understand VF!

    Also, like and subscribe Wireman FGC if you enjoy this content! It helps and he has made a commitment to making VF content (he is even going to do ANOTHER PLAYTHROUGH of the VF4 Evolution tutorial just to show the world how awesome VF did that!). Each helping hand goes hand-in-hand ^_^


    Abare - https://youtu.be/nH088c-3ilU

    Buffering - https://youtu.be/kizwt68QNAA

    Catch Throws - https://youtu.be/hplFXvs2KrE

    Defensive Move -

    - https://youtu.be/OdAqKQMvVI0

    Foot Position -

    Guard Breaks -

    Head Collapse -

    - https://youtu.be/vbps25M-hxs

    Jumping -

    Knees -

    Light Down Attacks - https://youtu.be/wQEr-7OVaOU

    Major Counters -

    Nitaku -

    Offensive Move -

    Punch! - https://youtu.be/O4e5drwPKgs

    Quickrise -

    Reversals -

    Sabaki -

    Tsukami - https://youtu.be/oH6Us_J3UNc

    Ukemizeme - https://youtu.be/uobar18qzJ0

    Vital Point Collapse - https://youtu.be/xswhGkHbFBc

    Walls - https://youtu.be/6D-K_JvCSQY

    eX Moves - https://youtu.be/MJlBlAL67XM

    Yutori Defense -

    Zabantetsu - https://youtu.be/8wijFFtcOlg

    I am getting that feeling when you complete a good series, you kind of feel bad wondering if there will be more. But I am grateful to Wireman for making the VF content he does and especially this wonderful series which is extremely well put together and written! Seriously, the scripts are really, really good!

    Though I hear there might be one more surprise for this series!

    Final Surprise: A supercut has been made for the whole series, however... The best way to enjoy this series, imo, is watching each video individually and through the playlist. But here is the supercut!

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Discussion in 'VF.TV' started by Chanchai, Jun 17, 2021.

    1. KrsJin
      It's great, been looking forward to them dropping on Twitter. Smart to collect them here.
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    2. Chanchai
      As long as people are still Liking and Subscribing on YouTube too ^_^
    3. Chanchai
      I should also say that if you really pay attention to the script (totally worth rewatching), they are very very well written and make a lot of superb points for people who are coming to VF from other fighting games!
    4. break
      Thanks for the share, going to check these videos out.
      Never been able to figure out guard-breaks, myself.
      Those online Goh players loop me with combos all day.
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    5. Chanchai
      If you are able to see the guard breaks, they are designed to either break a standing or a crouching guard (not both). With Goh, crouch to avoid the guard break. You can usually evade the guard breaks too ^_^

      Guard breaks are very strong against good players too! But we eventually learn the situations we are likely to deal with them ^_^
      Last edited: Jul 8, 2021
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    6. break
      Sounds like I need more practice, still unable to recover from guard breaks in an online match.
      Will try to stay low during Goh match ups...can't seem to win a match against the character online.
      Unsure if Jacky has any guard breaks ?
      Chanchai likes this.
    7. Chanchai
      It will take experience. You’ll eventually get used to having a more fluid offense and defense and that while you need to guard at the right times and against the right decisions, you don’t actually need to guard as much as you may feel at this point in your VF game.

      The more experience you gain and the better you get, the more fluid and fast your transitions between offense and defense will be.

      Another way to put it: as you fight strong opponents, they will start attacking whatever you do too much of—including your defense!

      Foes who like to attack too much: block or evade and punish.

      Foes who like to guard too much: throw or guard break.

      Foes who like to evade too much: throw or half-circular attack.

      Foes who like to throw too much: attack.
      Last edited: Jul 8, 2021
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    8. DK
      Technically no, but actually yes
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    9. break
      Yeah, I feel very slow or rather sluggish when playing online.
      Like I am holding the guard button for most of the game
      Or just out of range and whiff-grab.
      I am trying to learn Jacky, but I feel so slow when trying to move or attack.
      Stronger opponents just perfect or ring-out me 0-3! regularly.
      Sounds like I just need more experience...but not feeling like I am improving at this point.
      Will continue to check out your videos and try to apply it
      Currently feel it bit too far away, skill-wise, to enjoy ranked.
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    10. Chanchai
      In this game, goals can be tough to figure out because... this game really is a long (but very rewarding) journey. And though the journey may be long, there are many many many wonderful and fun stops along the way.

      I feel that the goals in this game are those little stops in the way, and I really feel this game is uniquely rewarding with a high quantity of achievement and a high quality of satisfaction. But I am biased!

      Having said that, I appreciate you sharing your experience though, and it's actually inspiring me to consider certain type of content (for the record, I am not Wireman FGC, but I do have my own YouTube channel with content).

      OKAY... SO... about Chanchai being inspired by @break ... This is about the goal setting and the sense of growth. And what I want to say is that, this game is actually still fun to practice and develop single player too (multiplayer is the most awesome, but us veterans still practice a lot with single player tools!).

      I am tempted to make a video about playing arcade mode and then eventually training by playing against the AI in training mode. But let's start with Arcade Mode...

      Arcade Mode is a surprisingly nice way to warm up or even train seriously. You can adjust the difficulty and the first 3 opponents will be really easy but you can set goals to improve your skills! If you are playing on Very Hard, Stage 4 is when the AI starts to get real and by the time you fight Akira there's a lot of things you have to do to get through that battle.

      I'm thinking of making a video about that, but to help you try it out... Play whatever difficulty you want against the AI, but do not judge it until at least the 4th stage but probably the last 3 (including Dural) is the true level of the AI.

      In the first 3 stages, just practice hitting with jab or low jab and doing the proper option from normal hit (+5/+4 respectively, which means doing a 17/16 frame mid immediately after normal hitting with high jab/low jab) and also doing something big when you get a red flash! Practice doing throws a a little too, after hitting with a jab.

      When you get to Stage 4 and above, you need to practice that fluid offense/defense. You have to get used to blocking attacks as they come and figuring out when you can attack right away. Yeah, you can do this against AI too!

      Here's the cool thing.... You can learn some basic frame data for just a small set of moves... and practice applying them in this game, and it works on the AI, so you can practice it in single player! And you might be surprised that it's not that scary once you try it.

      "Tricky Eileen" on YouTube made a video on "Pressure" this past weekend and it's a nice thing to get some understanding of using frame knowledge to apply pressure. While that video can ramble a little, I think you will see that it is something you can practice with. I am just saying, practice it in arcade mode, enjoy your VF in productive bites, and take some fun baby steps towards smaller goals so that you can measure your progress and mark your journey with milestones ^_^
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    11. break
      Thanks for the info, glad to have people guide me in getting started.
      However...I think I may need a small break from the game.
      I have been been watching and reading tutorials on how to play this game
      Catching streams and asking questions since the game dropped on PSN...
      But I think I am now overloaded or burnt out on the information
      And is starting to kill my motivation to play VF5.
      I know me and I have never been good or found success at fighting games
      But I was still motivated to play them and work to improve.
      What I am finding...is that I am unable to apply this information when playing online.
      Might just be me being in a rush to learn and get better
      Or I may only get matched up with the 20+ years experienced players online.
      I understand that I need to lose and learn from it to grow
      But I currently feel that I am very far away from finding success with this game.
      Might just be a confidence thing, but I will sit back and just spectate for now.
      Again, thanks for the helpful words of encouragement !
    12. Chanchai
      Wireman's video for W: Walls, is amazing! He nails it and talks about why this is a hard aspect of the game for most players! Watch it!

    13. Lord_Hollow
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