the best VF4 fighters are at Clubsega Tokyo

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by NeoTokyo, Mar 5, 2002.

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    I am just one week back from Japan. and man if you got the chance to go to Tokyo then go to Club Sega at Akihabara and challenge some of the guys that play there. I have played against some of them. and they are nearly invincible. some guys that play there even wear gloves!!!! for them VF4 is like a life Style, culture. overall it was way cool to play against them, but I really have to sharpen my skills.. also in the Club Sega itself on the fourth floor there is a video playing with the best VF4 players in Japan. The Champ is using a white Kage.

    Overall these Japanese guys are incredible. the best player I saw was using Pai and his data card showed 2300+ wins and 750+ loses he was ranked number 2 ! they way he played VF4 was lightyears ahead of my skills.

    the only downsite of this trip to Japan was that I couldn't buy the VF4 stick from Hori. it was sold out everywhere!!!
    so if anybody knows where I can buy the VF4 stick. please let me know!

    thanks in advance

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