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    <font color=white>VIRTUA FIGHTER 4 BLUE BOOK</font color=white>

    enterbrain mook | arcadia extra vol.8 | isbn4-7577-0783-5

    Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect to find in the Blue Book. Any translation errors are entirely my fault.

    <font color=yellow>Chapter 01 System Analysis</font color=yellow>
    <ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Skills Summary (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    - hit levels: h, m, l
    - guard properties: staggers, unblockables, guard breaks
    - attack classes: punch, kick, elbow, knee, middle kick, crescent kick, somersault kick
    - sabaki and reversals
    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Hit Properties (4 pages)</font color=orange>

    - normal hit (damage x 1.0)
    - major counter hit (damage x 1.5)
    - minor counter hit (damage x 1.25)
    - air hit (damage x 0.8)
    - guard hit (damage x 1.0 or 0.5 (if elbow, middle kick or somersault kick))
    - down hit (damage x 0.5)

    Hit Effects
    - stun (e.g. Akira's D,f+P, Jacky's [BT] P+K on normal hit)
    - force crouch (e.g. Jeffry's d+P+K)
    - turn around (e.g. Jeffry's f, b+P)
    - slant (e.g. Jacky's db+P, Pai's db+K+G)
    - shin crush (special case: Aoi's db+P)
    - back crumble (e.g. middle kick counter hit to back, Jacky's [BT] P+K to back)

    - elbow staggers (e.g. elbow vs crouching opponent)
    - middle kick stagger (e.g. middle kick vs crouching opponent)
    - counter hit stumble (e.g. Jacky's f,f+K on MC)
    - back stagger (e.g. middle kick vs crouching back turned opponent)
    - throw stumbles (e.g. Akira's, Lau's and Pai's b,d+P+G)

    Special Knockdowns
    - head crumble (e.g. Akira's d,db,b+P)
    - stomach crumble (e.g. Aoi's b,df+P)
    - foot crumble (e.g. Lion's b,df+P)
    - side knockdown (e.g. Akira's (evade)P+K+G, Jeffry's (threat stance) P)
    - head over heels (e.g. Vanessa's d+KPP, Jacky's df+PPP)
    - leg flop (e.g. Lau's b,f+P, Shun's u+K+G)
    note: you cannot break fall from these special knockdowns
    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Break Falling (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    Quick Rise
    - three phases: 1. down, 2. guard only, 3. normal
    - properties, vulnerabilities (how to get a back stagger)

    Tech Roll
    - three phases: 1. down, 2. guard only, 3. normal
    note: the length of phase 2 is considerable shorter than the QR phase 2
    - rolling distance: closer you are to opponent, the longer the roll
    - attack homing: if you're guarding during phase 2, opponent's linear attacks will track you.
    - properties, vulnerabilities (how to get a back stagger)

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Rising (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    - fall, down, getting up

    Down positions
    - face up, feet towards
    - face up, head towards
    - face down, feet towards
    - face down, head towards

    Rising Attacks
    - circular (cannot escape)
    - semi-circular (only escape one way)
    - linear (escape either way)
    note: when opponent is knocked down, you can look at which leg is bent to determine which direction to escape in.
    - rising attack guard
    - rising attack hit

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Throw Escapes (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    - different situations arising from throw escapes
    - throw escape chart for all characters listing who has the advantage, etc
    - escaping special throw followups (Akira's f,b+P+G, Vanessa's hand hold, Wolf's (evade) P+K+G, Vanessa's db+P+K , Lion's f,db+P+G, Vanessa's f,f+P+KP)

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Evading (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    - properties
    - system
    - timing
    - ARM (all range movement)
    - evade attacks (w/ chart on each character's evade attack and comment/rating)
    - circular and semi-circular attacks (w/ chart on each character)
    - evading combinations

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Walls (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    - wall hit
    - wall stagger
    - wall hit (air)
    - breakable walls
    - ring out over low walls

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Stance (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    - open and closed stance
    - effects of stance on air combos, escaping attacks, connecting/guarding attacks, etc
    - effects of stance on combo flowchart with explanations

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Junky's Jungle (2 pages)</font color=orange>

    - VF4 column

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Strategy (4 pages)</font color=orange>

    - basic rules of gameplay
    - 50/50 situations (mid attack or throw)
    - d+P analysis (guard, hit, counter hit)
    - frame advantage
    - standing to crouching
    - crouching to standing
    - dash/crouch dash buffering
    - about throw opportunities (when you can and cannot throw)

    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Versions (1 page)</font color=orange>

    - Differences between Versions A, B and C


    <font color=yellow>Chapter 02 Tactics and Knowledge</font color=yellow>
    <ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Tactics (56 pages)</font color=orange>

    Per Character
    - stategies
    - move analysis
    - frame analysis
    - one point versus information
    - combos (shows hit and stance requirement vs. all characters)
    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Beat the Rival (13 pages)</font color=orange>

    Per Character

    - versus information
    - frame analysis
    [/list]<ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Character File (1 page)</font color=orange>

    - short summary of character attributes and reasons for and against for choosing the character (somewhat tongue-in-cheek).


    <font color=yellow>Chapter 03 Technique & Data List</font color=yellow>
    <ul type="square">[*]<font color=orange>Command Lists (28 pages)</font color=orange>

    - name
    - command
    - hit level
    - damage
    - execution frame
    - frame difference on guard, hit, counter hit
    - escape
    - comments

  2. Mr. Bungle

    Mr. Bungle Well-Known Member

    on a somewhat related note, i caved into boredom and started to update the text vf4 faq with frame data, but it's tedious as hell. there are also so many special circumstances and notes to be added that it's probably already chock full of errors, or will be when it's done.

    anyone wanna split the workload (yah right)? anyone interested in contributing blue book info?

    if not, i'll just say "fuckitall" and leave it at rev B, and declare it dead.
  3. MrWhite

    MrWhite Well-Known Member

    This is a japanese book, no? Is there an english ver. ? If so, can I order it and where?
  4. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Mr. White, yes, this is a Japanese publication, and if history is anything to go by, there won't be an English version.
  5. MrWhite

    MrWhite Well-Known Member

    at least you banned chucky /versus/images/icons/smile.gif ...
  6. CreeD

    CreeD Well-Known Member

    Got decent translations for the cheeky part? (why choose character X?)
  7. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Got decent translations for the cheeky part? (why choose character X?)

    No. But I might work on it with the help of a friend, next I see him.

    From memory, one of the reasons for not choosing Lion was because Chibita uses him /versus/images/icons/smile.gif (as in, forget about being as good as him, try someone else!) hah!
  8. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    No info on earnable items in the book?

    I was hoping for some info on those...

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