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    This from MSNBC...

    Jan. 29  That dirty word  convergence  has now married the video game and digital television industries. British set-top box manufacturer Pace Micro Technology and embattled Japanese video game firm Sega announced this morning that they have developed a digital set-top box that will play any and all Sega Dreamcast games. The hitch, though, is that the box won’t actually play game CDs  it will play them off of a hard drive, with the games being downloaded in only three minutes via digital television bandwidth.

    for the whole story go here

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    They want to stop DC-Production and Take such a risk: I saw a european-study about bandwith cable , and it said that this kind of tecnology wont get in a lot of homes in the near future.......
    and who is this Pace manufacturer have they got enough Money to make a decent marketing campaign.
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    Well - I have no idea who Pace is. But I don't really care either. It doesn't matter. I'm sure the strategic business planning that Sega has come up with for the convergence has been well scoped out. I think I would trust their judgement. I think we should be rejoicing that they have not declared bankruptcy.

    As far as moving to set-top, or getting out of console making - this is a good thing IMO. Fact is, I love Sega games. I could care less what they're played on. As long as Sega makes great games, I'll play them. VF4 could be on DC although I would prefer it on a PS2 or an XBox. Actually, the XBox would be my #1 choice for VF4 at home - I'm not a big PS2 fan. ;) The DC, I hope, will NOT get VF4 because it's likely just not powerful enough without some sort of upgrade, etc. The last thing we need is a downgraded port. Who knows? We'll find out soon enough anyway.

  4. Kruza

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    About Pace

    If you all want to know more about Pace Micro Technology, the company's financial status and recent involvements, click on the link below.

    You can find all you want to know about Pace under the 'Corporate Profile' and 'Corporate History' links.

    You can also check the 'Newsroom' link if you want to read about the Pace/Sega deal again.


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