The Difficulty in Kumite Mode Should Have Been Toned Down a Bit...

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by Pai, May 8, 2002.

  1. Pai

    Pai New Member

    I consider myself an above average gamer, especially when it comes to fighting games, but I'm having a tough time getting past 2nd Dan!!! I beat 2nd Dan opponents a bunch all through my Kyu career, but now that I'm a Dan, they seem to mop the floor with me. Oh well, I gues I'll just have to get better.
  2. mindelixir

    mindelixir Well-Known Member

    It seems that when you play an opponent ranked the same as you they step up their play a bit. Maybe Sega taught the AI that same rank matches matter and they try harder just like you do when it counts. The difficulty is no problem in Kumite mode, this mode is meant to measure your skill level in an arcade like setting. As a traditional "gamer" check out the arcade mode, but as a "VFer" the kumite is as close as you can get to ideal playing conditions... an arcade full of different levels of skilled players.
  3. Alx

    Alx Member

    By the way, do you know if the difficulty settings in the game options has any influence on kumite difficulty ? They say it does in the menu, but I didn't notice any real difference when I switched it from "very hard" to "very easy"...
  4. mindelixir

    mindelixir Well-Known Member

    The difficulty setting is for Arcade mode.
  5. kungfusmurf

    kungfusmurf Well-Known Member

    You just need to practice more & look for the cpu weakness. I'm currently Adept & I've been play since the Japanese version came out.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Just lower the difficult in the options menu?
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  7. CrYingCHoCoBo

    CrYingCHoCoBo Well-Known Member

    im a high king with both Aoi and Kage, my Lei Fei is a Hero, and Shun-Di, Akira, and Jacky are in the Dan's, i just started with Lion yesterday and he's in the dan's as well...

    the way kumite works is not a very good replication of arcade opponents, but it's the closest i've ever seen a game get.

    the problems are simple and common, the computer cant seem to shake the habit of fighting like a computer sometimes, so it will fall for simple things repeatedly some times, or it will unbelievably snuff out certain moves ALL THE TIME to prevent you from abusing them.

    and yeah, when someone is the same rank as you, they will fight harder if it means that they will loose points or it will count against them, like in the dan's or the upper triple tiers, lord's, whatever,...when ur a champion, you cant be demoted, so it wont matter, as if you're a high king, however, high kings always fight in a very b*tchy way if they know that you can gain something from them like an item or a sphere...

    that's another important thing, if you fight someone who's the same character as you, and they have an item you don't, then they will work extra hard to prevent you from getting it.

    vf a.i. is very very intelligent, but there are ways around it. it's best to use it to figure out a great strat to use for ur character, because in this game, every character has it's strengths and weaknesses, in fighting and towards other characters.

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