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    Ah, but there is one move Wolf and Jeffry share that, from my experience, Jeffry excels far more so than his grappling protege at. That is the lethal ground throw (devil's reverse claw). Even though I can only base the effectiveness of things I've learned on playing the cpu (on hardest), I'm fairly certain jeffry can pull off the ground throw about 80% of the time following a splash mountain and 100% of the time following a gorilla press slam (b,p+g). This is where the fun begins, as you have a ton of options once you scrape your opponent off the ground with the pick up. If you think your opponent is going to guard, do the front backbreaker (b,f,f, p+g). Since the backbreaker commands require you to dash forward, this throw is your obvious choice (not to mention good damage as well) leaving your opponent little time or space to respond and counter. If you anticipate your opponent is going to try a move immediately after you pick him up with the ground throw, you have two options. The first is to quickly do a stomach crush (head butt to mid section), and combo it into the back body toss (b,p+g) or spinebuster (d,p+g). If your opponent tries to escape the throw that follows the stomach crush, you have a pretty good chance of successfully throwing him depending on who gets lucky (odds are in your favor). The second option you have if your opponent tries to attack after the pick up is the kanga upper (or whatever df,df,p is called) into the combo of your choice. I've gotten all of these kanga upper combos to work after the ground throw pick up: Kanga upper, triple uppercuts (or machine gun upper). Kanga upper, dash upper, short pounce (splash). Kanga upper, double sledge hammer (b,df,p,p), short pounce. Although these combos aren't always consistant (certain terms and conditions may apply, you should know them), the 3rd combo with the double sledge hammer should surprisingly work almost every time. Before you start getting skeptical, try hesitating slightly after the kanga upper and then quickly do the double sledge hammer (b,df+p,p). If the first part of the sledge hammer connects the second hit is almost guaranteed, then go for your pounce (which isn't guaranteed, but seems to work more often than not on the cpu on hardest). Lastly, a couple of other combos I've pulled off with jeffry (these are just basic combos and aren't for use with the ground throw pick up) are: Mc knee bash (f,+k) p,p,b+p (hook), short pounce. Mc knee bash, knee push (b,+k) hook (b,+p), short pounce. I hope this info helpful and more importantly is accurate in one on one competition.
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    pickup after xpd is % 100 if timed correctly. if you miss it, you botched it. and the xpd is a far better throw than b,f,f+P+G. you can get as much distance if you learn how to crouch dash->XPD.

    the most reliable knee combo for jeff is knee DEU pounce, followed by knee b+K pounce. also, the pounce after knee PG knee can be escaped in tb (guaranteed in ob). does less damage, too.

    stomach crush mind games are not too reliable in my experience. i also seem to be the only jeff who does not like the kenka upper. i prefer his knee much, much more. it's faster, seems to have better priority over some moves, and it's slightly less counterable. floats just as well if not better - and the kenka upper can push opponents too far away for floats.
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    You wouldn't happen to live anywhere near Pennsylvania would you. I would love to play anyone (can't play the cpu forever). Wolf and Jeffry are by far my favorites.
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    i'm in massachusetts, near boston. pretty far, but if you're ever in the area, drop me a line ( i've got all the vf arcade machines, if that's any extra incentive to be in the area..


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