The Many Pro-Wrestling Moves of Virtua Fighter

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    BURNING HAMMER! What has become Wolf's most iconic throw, and the most damaging move in the game of Virtua Fighter, is the Burning Hammer. While many people know this is based on a real professional wrestling move, there are probably a lot more signature moves in the series than you'd think!


    Not all of them immediately obvious to non-wrestling fans. Even characters like Kage Maru and Jacky Bryant find themselves borrowing manoeuvres from real pro wrestlers! I want to take a look at some of the iconic moves of Virtua Fighter, and reveal some of the little nods, winks and straight out tributes to some cool Puro, Wrestling and Lucha moves from the world of professional wrestling!

    Kage Maru - Praying Rope Walk
    (Opponent back to low wall)[6][6][P]+[G]

    This flashy low wall throw is actually based on a signature move by Japanese pro wrestler Jinsei Shinzaki (AKA Hakushi). After getting his opponent into an arm-bar, he walks the rope in a praying stance, then will either come down with a flying chop, or an arm drag.

    Check out the real life version of the move in this match against the Great Muta (9m 55s):

    El Blaze - Space Rolling Elbow & Flash Elbow
    (Rocket Discharge) [9][K]+[G], [P]
    (Downed Opponent) [3][P]+[K]

    One of the true legends of pro wrestling is Keiji Mutoh, or in this instance, The Great Muta.

    Keiji Mutoh was the 'face' (good guy) persona, and The Great Muta the 'heel' (bad guy) persona. Known for many of his trademark and signature moves, he's been imitated and paid tribute to in a lot of video games.

    Two of his iconic strikes have been featured in Virtua Fighter through El Blaze's moveset; His Space Rolling Elbow is an iconic attack used by both personas through his carreer, a handspring into a diving elbow, usually to an opponent couched in the turnbuckle, a perfect move for El Blaze's Rocket Discharge!

    Another move that people often don't pick up on as a tribute, is one of El Blaze's down attacks. The Flashing Elbow is one of Muta's most used techniques. It's basically just an elbow drop with some theatrics, but it's instantly recognisable as belonging to Muta;

    Wolf Hawkfield – Burning Hammer

    I had to include this one in my first installment! Doing a devastating 100 points of damage, and even more in the backturned 'Burning Driver' variation, the Burning Hammer is the single most damaging throw in the game Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown.

    Like many skills of Wolf's move set, it's a tribute to the legendary Kenta Kobashi, who innovated the Burning Hammer.

    In the world of Pro Wrestling, the move is considered extremely dangerous to perform as the person receiving it cannot roll into the fall. There is a lot of risk of injury as the receiving wrestler falls onto his neck without much room for error. As such, the move has only been used by Kenta Kobashi seven times in his career. The move is reserved as a 'super finisher'; something brought out only for the biggest and most high profile matches for opponents that are notoriously tough.

    The backturned variation of the move is Kobashi's 'Wrist Clutch' variation of Burning Hammer, used even more sparingly than the regular version, and reflected in the game by being even more devastating!

    The debut of the Burning Hammer:

    The Wrist Clutch Burning Hammer (Burning Driver):

    Watch this space, as I'll be updating with more moves on a regular basis! There are a TON of moves with real-life counter-parts in the Virtua Fighter series, and I hope you'll enjoy seeing a few more of them over the coming weeks.

    PART 2

    Kage Maru & El Blaze – Sliced Bread #2
    Kage (Wall Behind)
    El Blaze (Wall Behind Opponent) [6][6][P]+[G]

    Originally known as the 'Shiranui', but commonly known as Sliced Bread #2 in the west after it was popularised by Brian Kendrick, the technical name is 'reverse springboard three-quarter facelock facebuster'. The move is used by Kage Maru as one of his unique wall throws ( El Blaze also has a variation of this move which he uses against walls.

    This awesome looking manoeuvre has been used as a finisher by a multitude of cruiserweight wrestlers, but notably by WWE star Brian Kendrick.

    He also once did it from the top of a ladder:

    Jeffry McWild – Go To Sleep

    I'm guilty of yelling this move name every time I see Jeffry land it, usually met with confusion by my non-wrestling fan friends. NO MORE!

    Jeffry McWild takes this move from KENTA, not to be confused with Kenta Kobashi, KENTA (spelt in all capitals, real name Kenta Kobayashi) is the protégée of Kenta Kobashi. He innovated the move and uses it as a finisher. The technique of lifting the opponent over his head, and dropping them into a knee lift seems perfect for Jeffry's moveset!

    The move was later picked up by CM Punk who also used it as a finisher in the WWE.

    This video is worth watching for the incredible Japanese Puro commentary


    Wolf Hawkfield – Burning Chops
    (Opponent's back to wall) [6][P]+[G]

    We all know and love Wolf's 6P+G wall throw, where he delivers some devastating chops to the opponent's chest.

    But, did you know that this move is a direct tribute to the legendary Kenta Kobashi? Yes, the same one who innovated Burning Hammer!

    Right down to his double fist pump; the motion is Kobashi's signature 'Burn Up' taunt he delivers before going into Machine Gun Chops!

    PART 3

    El Blaze – Code Red/Canadian Destroyer
    (From Rocket Discharge) [6]+[P]+[G]

    This spectacular looking move, while rarely seen in the game, is based on the move innovated by Petey Williams. Known as Code Red or the Canadian Destroyer, it's a high impact forward flip piledriver!

    Running towards a crouching opponent, the wrestler will flip forward and, bringing his opponent with him land in a seated position to drive the opponent's head into the mat. It doesn't look very realistic, truth be told, but it does look very cool!

    Wolf Hawkfield – Shining Wizard
    (After Low Punch Cut)[6]+[P]+[G]

    Another move that was innovated by Keiji Mutoh, the Shining Wizard has since been adopted and modified by many different wrestlers over the years.

    Originally used as a replacement for his first finisher, the Moonsault, because Mutoh's knees couldn't take the impact from a Moonsault in his later years.

    With multiple ways to set it up, it's an explosive and fast move, with Mutoh performing a step-up inside leg kick. It can be (and has been) set up in multiple ways, off of the opponent's knee, off a chair, a ring rope or even someone else's back!

    Later years saw variations like Shining Black, Shining Dark and Shining Enziguri come into existence, but Wolf Hawkfield uses two variations of the Mutoh original!

    El Blaze – Poison Mist
    (Back turned) [P]+[K]

    A true 'heel' (or villian for non-wrestling fans) move, this mysterious attack involves spitting poisonous mist into the opponent's face!

    Innovated by the Great Kabuki, but popularised by Japanese pro wrestlers The Great Muta and Tajiri in the west, Poison Mist or Asian Mist often leaves the opponent stunned, or with burning eyes! Some variations, like Red Mist are particularly dangerous in wrestling canon (kayfabe) and have been known to end matches immediately.

    Always a shocking move that turns the tide of a match!

    VFDC User Contributions!

    I want to acknowledge all the cool contributions made by the VFDC Members in the thread below!
    Special thanks to:
    @Jason Elbow :
    Go to Sleep
    Super Kick/Sweet Chin Music
    Toe Kick Stunner
    Diamond Cutter
    Crucifix Powerbomb
    Clothesline from Hell
    Spear Tackle
    Super Rana

    Dangerous Backdrop

    @Blitzball Champ
    Sol Naciente
    Sling Blade
    Handsome Scratch Rush
    Buzzsaw Kick
    Shiranui/Sliced Bread #2

    Emerald Flowsion



    Machine Gun Chops

    Shouten Kai
    Giant Swing
    German Suplex
    Olympic Slam
    Pole Shift
    Yoshi Tonic
    Super Kick
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Discussion in 'News' started by MadeManG74, Mar 18, 2017.

    1. IcKY99
      Excellent piece about the best vf characters. Great work!
      Last edited: Mar 18, 2017
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    2. Ytpme_Secaps
    3. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      The Undertaker also use "The Praying Rope Walk". He calls it "Old School".
      MadeManG74 likes this.
    4. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      Jeffry Mcwild - Go To Sleep
      [6][3][2][1][4] [P][+][G]

      A 60 point damage throw that must be broken backwards. An excellent compliment to his throw mix up. Plus, it has a cool sounding name!!

      A wrestling manuver created by the Japanese wrestler KENTA and popularized by CM Punk.
      It quite devastating in its application and has won both wrestlers many championships!!
    5. MadeManG74
      ^Haha, I was about to do that one next week actually! I love that move as well!
    6. Modelah
      Wolf Hawkfield – Dangerous Backdrop
      (After CHANGE) [4][P]+[G]
      A sick, sick move popularised by Dr. Death Steve Williams as the Backdrop Driver.
      Watch him use it to part Kobashi's hair not once BUT 3 TIMES. Damn.

      Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
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    7. MadeManG74
      ^One of my favourite moves in the game! Thanks for the inclusion Modelah!

      Also, my god that video is hard to watch...
      would sarah's old running neckbreaker count? or her old Angel throw? (see vanilla for both)
    9. DemonicMindz
      Yep. KENTA (now known as Hideo Itami in NXT) has used that move again at Takeover. Since he is the innovator, he uses so much force compared to CM Punk's.
    10. MadeManG74
      Planned for a future update. This is going to be a weekly thing for me.
    11. oneida
      i guess @wweasuka on twitter did some mocap for FS. any idea who she captured for? I'm guessing Vanessa.
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    12. Modelah
      @MadeManG74, it's interesting to note that VF seems to have taken a few artistic liberties with some moves too, so if I may offer an example for Taka...

      Taka-Arashi – Nodowa (喉輪)
      [3][P] (hit) [P][+][G]
      In reality Taka's bonecrunching 'chokeslam' isn't actually a chokeslam at all. The kanji translates to 'Throat Ring'. Check it out.

      So what does this have to do with wrestling moves? Well, the interesting thing is that 'Nodowa-otoshi' is the Japanese term for chokeslam, which was one of Akira Taue's signature moves. 'Otoshi' means 'drop'.

      So what's the connection, you ask? Well before he joined AJPW in 1988, Taue competed as a professional sumo wrestler! It might be a stretch but I think it's where Sega got the idea for Taka's pro-wrestling style 'chokeslam'.

      Check out Taue's 'Nodowa-otoshi' below at 0.48 seconds.
      Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
    13. Blitzball Champ
      Blitzball Champ

      Sol Naciente

      (opponent down, face up, right) [2] or [3][P][+][G]

      Sol Naciente is the signature submission of Masato Yoshino of Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling in Japan!
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    14. Blitzball Champ
      Blitzball Champ

      Running Neckbreaker aka Sling Blade, used by wrestlers such as Seth Rollins, Hiroshi Tanahashi, Masato Yoshino, Finn Balor, and was used as a finisher by JTG (named The Shout Out).
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    15. Blitzball Champ
      Blitzball Champ
      Handsome Scratch Rush
      [4][3][P][+][K] (hit) [P][+][G]

      KENTA Rush, followed by the Busaiku Knee Kick, which is done out of Rocket Discharge!
    16. DemonicMindz
      Emerald Flowsion
      (opponent head crumble & fastest input for Variant): [4][1][2][3][6][P][+][G]

      Innovated by the late Mitsuharu Misawa. Variations were also used as well
    17. Myke
      This is awesome stuff! Can I ask a favour for anyone contributing to also include the VF character's name that uses the move? Thanks! :ninja:
    18. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      [4][3] [K][+][G]

      Oh let's not forget EL Blaze's Darkness Sword. A.k.a Sweet Chin Music. Popularized by the one and only Shawn Michaels! One of my most favorite wrestlers of all time!! Wish Shawn could have followed his up with a sliding low clothesline as well!! He would won a helluva lot more championships!!
      Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
    19. Blitzball Champ
      Blitzball Champ
      His match with Shelton Benjamin, one of my favs!
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