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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Mar 10, 2001.

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    Neat observation. I went to the site quickly and noticed other characters from the anime. Do you think Oni-Maru or Eva-Durix would be the other new character?? Perhaps not Oni as I get the impression that Oni is male. But what about Masked Lady? Just a thought.


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    Maybe Shun's long lost pupil(see story)
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    Re: Eva-Durix?

    Eva Durix appeared in the manga too, by the way.

    I have a hunch somehow that the new female character is Kage's mom... and I agree that the monk would be the 'shadow' that Shun saw (i.e. lost disciple)
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    Re: Eva-Durix?

    Maybe, no coinsidence that shun is fighting the monk in the video. Sort of Sarah-Jacky fight,pai-Lau,...

    Still a big difference between the two fighting styles: Rakan-Ken v.s Drunken kung fu
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    i think maybe there's a story for how liu kowloon became koenkan leader...the title maybe "koenkan origins" describing about Lau and liu past, early age of koenkan, etc...

    and of course my faveorite femal villainess Eva durix, maybe the title is " Eva Durix Chronicles" describing how she became mad scientist, her past, why she so cold, and maybe why she always wear side split skirt (based on anime).
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    unicorn cz
    Ressurecting 13 years dead thread with 1st VFDC post, that really is something o_O
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    yeap. i just found VF anime and got nostalgic with it, and i get some idea so i surf it through the net, and i ended here, and try to discuss if someone have the same spirit to make a story based on anime. hehehe

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