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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Chanchai, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    KB Cat, always the great work in progress, I really like the additions you made to the the Virtua Project (as far as I know):

    -VF1, 2, 3ob lists in addition to the original 3tb (and 4 when it becomes available/versus/images/icons/smile.gif)
    -Column descriptions, so those that are new to the information have a better idea of what they are.

    As always, keep up the great work!

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>The Virtua Project</A>

  2. kbcat

    kbcat Well-Known Member

    There is still more to do, but I've been a bit lazy of late!

  3. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    I can only get to the index page that has a paragraph of text about the updating of moveslists and has a bunch of torn icons If I try to access anything else it says document not found what am I doing wrong? Your help will be greatly appreiciated.

    Under the surface of the most jaded cynic lies a dissappointed idealist- George Carlin
  4. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Browsers. Alternative. OB TB data comparisons.

    What browser are you using?

    I think Virtua Project is more on the IE friendlier side. Maybe it's browser version specific, but I had issues with the site when I tested it on Netscape. I normally use IE anyways.

    However, here is the other excellent source of movelist information (and more). Covers VF1, 2, 3tb with tournament reports. True, this has been posted before, but may as well post it again:

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>RSW's Virtua Fighter Page</A>

    ---On Frame Data---
    I don't have my Gamest tb mook yet... but I assume that by the time the tb mook came out, Gamest came up with a "more useful" way of providing frame data? Basically, I notice that OB data (in faqs and lists) tends to concern itself with the three frame sets (execution, collision, recovery).

    On the other hand, TB data does quite a bit of the calculation work for you by applying frame advantages and neglecting the frame sets (except execution frame).

    A random question, would there be reason to have a preference for the old system over the newer system of expressing the data? (Would anyone prefer to know the frame sets as opposed to the advantages of blocked, hit, and counterhit?) Has anyone ever completely recalculated things out for the sake of "as specific as you can get" move comparisons between OB and TB?

  5. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Re: Browsers. Alternative. OB TB data comparisons.

    Thanks a shitload Chanchai. Turns out it was Netscape when I used IE everything worked out hunky dory.

    Under the surface of the most jaded cynic lies a dissappointed idealist- George Carlin
  6. kbcat

    kbcat Well-Known Member

    Re: Browsers. Alternative. OB TB data comparisons.

    It's been fixed for netscape (there was a typo that IE was correcting for me, Netscape however was not as nice).

  7. Hayai_JiJi

    Hayai_JiJi Well-Known Member

    Re: Browsers. Alternative. OB TB data comparisons.

    Thanks, I hate using IE.One more quick question how do you get the screen to scroll down.

    Under the surface of the most jaded cynic lies a dissappointed idealist- George Carlin
  8. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    May I ask why the movelists are so damn big? ;) I checked VF2 Akira one, and it's 144 KB, come on!
  9. kbcat

    kbcat Well-Known Member

    It's the table format. The original XML files are much smaller but Netscape cannot parse XML. Let alone XML with an XSL stylesheet.

  10. kbcat

    kbcat Well-Known Member

    Re: Browsers. Alternative. OB TB data comparisons.

    I assume you the navi on the side. I just fixed it.
    Sorry, I tend to forget that people aren't running the same res as I am :p

  11. GLC

    GLC Well-Known Member

    I've checked your HTML code and it can be made MUCH smaller and still work perfectly. Plenty of trash there ;) The tables don't look too good either; also, there's something wrong with frames - they get cut off in various resolutions.
  12. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Re: Browsers. Alternative. OB TB data comparisons.

    Thanks for posting the link. Tons of info and movelists on the characters.

    I really like the section about option select. Now if I could just find someone other than the computer to play/versus/images/icons/frown.gif. Oh well, I need the practice.

    Hey where's a combo list for <font color=red>Akira</font color=red>, <font color=red>Lau</font color=red>, and maybe even <font color=red>Lion</font color=red>?/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

  13. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Combo Lists, Faqs, Links, and a Special Mention

    Well, here's a bunch of references to your interests. Hey, if combos are what gets people towards getting to know movelists and "feel" for characters, so be it.

    But I highly recommend moving onto the solid information that are in faqs. Perfect or imperfect, faqs are a labor of love that usually rewards quite well. Heck, if you are already familiar with moves and "feel," faqs become a breeze to read.

    Most of the material I present here come from Gamefaqs. Not everyone's gonna pop up links for you when you request information, but at least from here you can begin your own search for further information. The tournament reports on RSW's page are good reads too.

    Anyways, if you seek it, you shall find. I just let you cheat a little bit this time (but don't expect it much in this community).

    Combo Lists
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Gamest tb Mook Combo List, scribed by GLC</A>
    Check it out!

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Cho Akira's(?) Combo Movies (DC)</A>
    For those that missed this link the first time, way back in October. This is a Japanese site, so the file transfer might be slow. But hey, they're combo movies (usually more whimsical than practical and against turned away opponents). At least you can get a feel for OTB combos and the like when seeing these.

    Note: If you can read Japanese or Korean, there are a TON of homemade combo lists out there. However, around the world, many VF sites are falling off the face of the networks. There used to be quite a few combo lists that I was aware of in the English Speaking community, but many sites have gone under. However, combos can be figured intuitively when you build up experience through the basic or standard combos and mess around with the info in the faqs, lists, movies, etc...

    The Faqs
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>John Culbert's VF3 (OB) Akira Faq</A>
    Faqs are good/versus/images/icons/smile.gif Get to know the movelist somewhat decently well, casually read a faq, you could come out there learning a great deal. Not the biggest combo section, but it's good for start. Some of the combos listed are more of sequences (not guaranteed), but fine to keep in mind.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Compiled posts of some Akira info(OB)</A>
    Not too long of a read. The combo list is brief, but most of those combos you should know to get you started on branching out. Standard combos (you'll probably find them on any Akira VF3 faq), again though, faqs are good/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Steve Quinlan's Akira VF3 (OB) faq</A>
    Combo ideas are listed in a good amount (in the floats section). I think this faq is pretty nice, loaded. If you take your Akira seriously, and haven't read this faq before, I think you should. It's got a lot of nice info and is pretty illustrative.
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Additional notes to Steve's faq</A>

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Sumargi's Lau faq (OB and TB) </A>
    For anyone starting to use Lau or have been playing him, but haven't checked the resources out there much.... I HIGHLY recommend this faq. The structure might not be the best, but its content is way up there imo.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Lars Sorenson's Lau Faq (OB)</A>
    Another highly recommended faq. In the english speaking VF3 world of Lau, a must read.
    The update to the Lars Lau faq--Also very good

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Big Compiled Lion Faq (OB and TB)</A>
    A good resource for Lion. Also tries to break combos down. For me, it was pretty good reading/versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    Peter's Lion Faq, Beta (TB, probably OB too)
    Good stuff, check it out. It's definitely got the Peter approach to Lion feel in it. Warning, this is in Word .doc format. It's in my online archive, which is not a site, just a place where I toss files here and there. If you really want it back in text (I know, as it should be), I'll simply convert it--just really lazy.

    Other Good Sites
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Virtua Fighter dot Com</A>
    Well, you are here. Should check the resources that exists here.

    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Kris Amico's VF3 Page</A>
    Some good ol' content. At least give it a browse.


    Bonus Link:
    <A target="_blank" HREF=>Joji Suzuki's Akira VF2 Faq</A>
    The faq that most of the old-schoolers of the english-speaking VF online world I'm familiar with swear by. It might be VF2, but it's still a good faq and gives you a good "feel" for Akira in general. A nice bottom-up structure (moves-->putting it together-->higher applications-->feel-->Akira as a whole). And it's written illustratively, so if you know the moves that are discussed, you get a good feel or mental picture of what's being discussed. Even if you are a VF3 player, I think it's a great read (just read it again the other night).
  14. kbcat

    kbcat Well-Known Member

    The code is generated by an XSL stylesheet, hence it's not beautiful or efficient. But, if people with netscape want to view the pages this is approach I have to take. As for resolutions, I've never seen my site on anything less than 1024x768. I have no doubt that there are problems on other resolutions. I can imagine that the navi frame gets messed up in lower resolutions (ie. Horiz, and vert. scrolls appear), and a horiz scroll apprears for the movelists too. But, hey, it's a fansite and I'm a software engineer--not a web developer.


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