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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by AkiraKidWannaBe, Nov 10, 2001.

  1. AkiraKidWannaBe

    AkiraKidWannaBe Well-Known Member

    Here are some decent VFNET data.
    There have been some changes since the last time I posted.

    Kasao is still # 1 with 4718pt at National individual ranking.
    Chibita is currently # 80.

    The longest winning streak.
    Ready to be surprised at the #1 character
    SHUN kicked Jerky's ass off...

    1. 181 wins (Shun)
    2. 174 wns (Jacky)
    3. 165 wins (Jacky)
    4. 162 wins (Jacky)
    5. 158 wins (Jeffry)
    6. 154 wins (Akira)
    6. 154 wins (Jeffry)
    8. 152 wins (Akira)
    9. 149 wins (Jacky)
    10. 142 wins (Jacky)

    The max. wins record.
    1. 6306 wins (Jeffry)
    2. 5820 wins (Wolf)
    3. 5436 wins (Lau)
    4. 5413 wins (Lau)
    5. 5176 wins (Lau)

    Here is what everybody wants to know.

    The max. losses record.

    1. 2957 losses (Wolf)
    2. 2843 (Jacky)
    3. 2669 (Sarah)
    4. 2338 (Pai)
    5. 2253 (Aoi)

    #1 guy will soon break the unbelievable record of 3,000 losses. LOL.
  2. Bronze Parrot

    Bronze Parrot Well-Known Member

    Re: Jijii does Japan

    > Ready to be surprised at the #1 character

    Joe, formerly of Toronto, isn't living and working in Japan, is he?
  3. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    1. 2957 losses (Wolf)
    2. 2843 (Jacky)
    3. 2669 (Sarah)
    4. 2338 (Pai)
    5. 2253 (Aoi)

    #1 guy will soon break the unbelievable record of 3,000 losses. LOL.

    =) But that Jacky player is determined to make a race for it! Hee! Maybe the Jacky player will go on a VF bender like I plan to over the weekend... ;)

    Is Kyasao using Kage to gain that #1 ranking?

    My longest winning streak was about 40 games and that took forever... I can't imagine keeping my focus for a 100+ game win streak... very impressive.

    AKWannaBe, thanks again for the update.
  4. AkiraKidWannaBe

    AkiraKidWannaBe Well-Known Member

    I think it's a lot harder to achieve long winnings here in US.
    The reason?
    Damn, there is no chair at US arcade,
    So my legs start getting tired already after 20 wins or something like that. No way I can keep standing for a couple of hours without losing my concentration even if I have the skill to achieve over 100 wins.
    But fortunately, I don't have that skill, so I don't need to stand for a long time ^_^.
  5. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    You mean Kyasao, right? Does he use Kage,or was his new ranking with Jacky? Who was the Shun player, Dragon JiJi?
  6. AkiraKidWannaBe

    AkiraKidWannaBe Well-Known Member

    Yes, I mean Kyasao...
    Since the national individual ranking shows just players' names not their characters,
    I don't think it's limited to one specific character they use.
    And I can't read Japanese so I don't know if Shun player is DragonJiji, but the shun player is ö­ÕÉ.
    Anyone can read that?

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