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The Sendai Rule

Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Mar 12, 2021.

By Myke on Mar 12, 2021 at 6:01 AM
  1. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    The Salty Runback, a term familiar and oft-used within the FGC, describes a rematch request by the loser in a hotly-contested set. The winner usually accepts on good faith terms, indulging the loser's chance for redemption with a quiet confidence that it's all in vain. In the Japanese #VirtuaFighter scene, a similar concept exists by the name of the Sendai Rule.

    The Sendai Rule
    Named after the city of Sendai (仙台) where it originated, this variation of the Salty Runback has a "winner-takes-all" twist that considerably amps up the stakes!

    On Tue 9 Mar 2021, a special FT10 exhibition was played between Chibita (LI) and Koedo (JN) at Ikebukuro Mikado game centre (@babamikado). It was a philosophical clash of fighting styles between Chibita's whimsical creativity and Koedo's clinical precision.


    Chibita vs Koedo - The Sendai Rule.jpg

    The end result was 10-1 to Koedo's Jean, however, one may argue that the final score wasn't a true reflection of the set, and Chibita certainly didn't think so either! Not ready to go home yet, the "VF God" just needed one more game to prove himself.

    Enter the Sendai Rule!

    The score is now reset to 9-9, next match wins! As if re-invigorated by the virtua smelling salt of the Sendai Rule, Chibita takes a 2-0 lead, but then the match goes down to the final round and then a final move only capable of being made by the VF God himself. Behold!

    If you enjoyed this "ending" then perhaps you'd like to watch the entire story of this amazing #VF5FS FT10 exhibition between Chibita (LI) vs Koedo (JN). Be sure to check out the VOD on YouTube:

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Discussion in 'News' started by Myke, Mar 12, 2021.

    1. Chanchai
      Loved this post! And a good way to go about it! When friends asked (after I found out this exhibition happened) I just didn’t want to spoil it! but it made me laugh when I realized what happened, and while Chibita did not invent this thing, I couldn’t help but go “this is so Chibita” lol
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    2. Jason Elbow
      Jason Elbow
      Bruh I cried inside for Chibita in the first set.. God that was harsh to watch.. But he emerged from the muck in the second one..
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    3. wrekka
      I was watching the homestay Akira stream and they mentioned the Sendai Rule. I was looking for the answer in Japanese, but couldn't find it. All I had to do was come here I guess.:)
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