The timing of Sabaki?

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by nxw0016, Jan 29, 2002.

  1. nxw0016

    nxw0016 Well-Known Member

    Sabaki is a new concept in VF4, but how does it really work? There are times that I successfully Sabakied my opponent's according moves, but there are also times that I was hit by the moves that supposedly my move can sabaki.

    Does anyone know the timing of Sabaki? Feels like it is not as quick and easy as a reversal (if so it would be too powerful?). Does that mean there is no sabaki functionality during the entire execution frames or part of the execution frames?
  2. ken

    ken Well-Known Member

    Search the message board for lots of goodies about Sabaki for information in general specific to characters look at the MOVELISTS from the front page of this site. Also can you tell us for what character specifically and what sabaki you a trying to do.

    The rest of the post is more for those who don't know already what these types of attacks do:

    Definition of terms:
    Inashi: Parry and no damage.. though usually sets up for followup
    Sabaki: Parry and attack.. an *attack that beats another *attack
    Reversal: Parry and guaranteed damage

    Inashi/Sabaki/Reversal attacks are three categories in which:


    <font color=orange>1:Anticipated or Reversals</font color=orange>
    The first type is the standard and traditional Akira, Pai, Wolf, Aoi and Kage reversal variety since VF3 and earlier. Timing here is that there is a small window of time from the execution of your reversal and impact of the attack. Execution of this type of reversal is usually instantaneous so success is determined on your when your reversal and when the blow hits. Range will determine also if and when the blow will hit as well.

    This is easier to test if you have second player that is willing. Have a second player execute "k, g". Every character has this kick cancel or leg fake which for a brief amount time is a high attack. The other player does "b+pk". So pick say 2 Akiras and alternate this exercise When you're about to lose.

    Characters that have new sabaki in this category are Sarah but her characteristics are a bit wierd so I'm sure there's something on the board on that.

    Character: Lei
    Requirement: Crane Stance
    Moves that it counters: ANY single arm based attacks high/mid/low
    Comments: Not instantaneous as you completely be inert in the Crane stance. Lei has the most useful auto reversal in game. As long as he is in stance he has no timing requirements.

    <font color=orange>2:Natural/Automatic- Auto-Inashi or Auto Reversal</font color=orange>
    This typehas usually no timing requirements. Though some characters require them to be in a certain stance or joystick inactivity. The second requirement for success is the attack must be qualify for auto-inashi or auto-reversal, usually jabs.

    Character: Jacky
    Requirement: Inert Joystick
    Moves that it counters: Any single handed high punch
    Comments: Press punch during the arm trap to add damage.

    Character: Vanessa
    Requirement: Inert Joystick and Defensive Stance (arms down)
    Moves that it counters: Any single handed High/Mid arm attacks
    Comment: Can add multiple damage by attacking high/low/throw. Opponent can guess or struggle out.

    Character: Aoi
    Requirement: Must be in stance
    Moves that it counters: Any High/Mid punch
    Comments: Exchange position, no damage but you have iniative.

    Sarah has two as well. To get into Flamingo stance and also within the Flamingo stance.

    These are the characters I know that have these.. Anyone else please feel free to add/comment on things I missed. I know Kage has one but I'm not sure how it works. And I think Aoi's may be slightly wrong.

    <font color=orange>3:Intercepting- Sabaki</font color=orange>
    Intercepting attack are sabaki ,ie offensive moves that attack at the same time and which parry/defeat the oncoming attack. They are a normal attack otherwise but will neutralise and stun the opponents sabaki qualified attack.

    Nearly all the characters have one or several moves that have intercepting sabaki properties. These are outlined in the Command list section of each character:

    Lion's Meteor Punch: qcb+p
    Akira Crumbling Hand: df+PKG
    Lei Fei Hammer Punch /versus/images/icons/frown.giftiger stance)p
    Lei Fei Rising Kick /versus/images/icons/frown.giftiger stance)k
    Lei Fei Hammer:(Evasive stance)p

    Timing in general should be slightly before impact. Some moves have a larger window.

    In Summary...
    -Search the board
    -Read the Command Lists
    -Ask questions
    -Flame ahead!
  3. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    The timing for sabaki is dependent on the sabaki you are using. You CAN get hit by moves that your sabaki supposedly can sabaki. There is an active time window when the sabaki is active but there is not frame stats out yet so noone knows for sure. The black book as a table on the length of the active window for each sabaki but I disagree with some of it.
  4. nxw0016

    nxw0016 Well-Known Member

    The active sabaki time -- is that at the beginning of the execution time or at the later stage of the move? Or is that -- as you said -- different from move to move?

    My biggest question is: The moment I input the sabaki command, am I immune to the attacks I can sabaki immediately or it takes a little while?

    There is no frame data released so far(?), so we can discuss based on our feeling during real battle.
    However soon the blue book is going to be released:)
  5. Yupa

    Yupa Well-Known Member

    The movelists at have the black book notes with regard to sabaki timing. Click on the legend link at the top of the movelists to see what the abbreviations mean. From experience with the game so far, I believe the early/late stuff from the black book is in reference to the character performing the sabaki attack. i.e. sabaki-e means that the sabaki nature of the attack is only affective for the first few frames of the attack's execution, while a sabaki-l attack may retain the sabaki property thru almost the entire execution phase. But there are typoes in the black book... Hopefully the new blue book will clear up some of these mysteries.
  6. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    I've just whipped up a <a target="_blank" href=>Sabaki Chart</a> which should answer a lot of questions people may still have about the hows and whys of sabaki attacks.

    It can be accessed via the main VF4 section in the documents table.


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