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    don't laugh, but I thought I finally put down in writing some of the things I know about playing this guy. I'll start with movement:

    uf+E, ub+E (special sidesteps): The direction of each sidestep is stance dependent.<ul>[*]uf+E (forward sidestep): Lion dodges toward the far side of his opponent's front facing leg [note: I don't know what determines which direction he will dodge when the opponent is on the ground]. This is good for dodging certain mid and high linear attacks such as Akira's DE and SDE. After dodging some attacks you are perfectly positioned for a throw (eg. vs. Akira's DE), while others leave you a bit further away (eg vs. Pai's sidekick).<ul>[*]vs. Akira's DE: uf+E > HCF+P+G[*]vs. sidekick: uf+E > bb+K,P+K > bb+K > G > u+P[/list]
    [*]ub+E: (backward sidestep): Lion dodges towards his own back side. Longer recovery time than uf+E. [Question: does uf+E actually recover sooner or is the recovery time simply cancellable?] Good for dodging circular high risers (dodge against the direction of the riser).

    [*]uf+E > ub+E: Since these two sidesteps are stance dependent, both on Lion's stance and the stance of his opponent, in open stance uf+E > ub+E will combine as a circular dodge, while in closed stance they will combine as a zig-zag. cool but dangerous.

    [*]uf+E, [d+]E: note the stance of your opponent, and make sure to evade in the proper direction after uf+E.[/list]d,ub (cartwheel): Lion's cartwheel is a little slow to come out compared to Kage's b+E. While in the cartwheel you are completely vulnerable to attacks (duh), and since it doesn't have an instantaneous recovery, you can't fluidly sting several cartwheels together. One cartwheel should be enough to get you out of standard attack range (if need be). I have used this move before to to sucker high risers for style points. [Note: anybody have any other gameplay uses? I generally think it recovers too slowly.]

    That's enough for now. any comments?

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