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Discussion in 'Wolf' started by Chief_Flash, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. Chief_Flash

    Chief_Flash Well-Known Member

    T1L ALL AR3 0N3
    • Example of what is not appropriate on the VFDC Forums.
    Myke man I think you’ve been around your own creation too long that you became part of it.
    Who are the vets? Take any the top players who’ve ever won a major tournament from VF4 until yesterday 3-9-15. Do they actively contribute to this site? Or consider them to be part of the community? How about the top 5 FS players outside of Japan today? Like right now… You are joking right? Who are the vets… The only people who contribute are a bunch of rundown, half ass scrubs who rather write shit on the forum than play cuz they get their asses handed to them; who think they say some shit that matters just because they got some shit tag next to their names. And yes I am using the word contribute in a condescending manner.

    This is why they don’t get involve with this place, and I’ll give an example:

    A: someone who knows something
    B: someone who knows nothing
    C: VFDC administration (Myke Fuhrer and his minions)

    1, A posts something insightful about any VF topic
    2, B reads A’s comments, doesn’t understand them but chimes in anyways with some bullshit
    3, A corrects B
    4, B doesn’t understand but replies with more bullshit
    5, 3 and 4 repeats for X number of times.
    6, A gets fed up and calls B a name (Retard, Moron, Nigga, Chink, Spic etc.)
    7, C jumps in, screams foul and punishes A.
    8, B rejoices while the original valid information is lost.

    Now let’s apply this to the BTBH thread: nobody learned anything cuz a bunch of scrubs couldn’t get off Kage’s 3k+g to make a point. Yes I’m sure everyone’s better off knowing you can BTBH all them 3k+g they run into every fucking day, useful shit bro! Then finally the Nazi jumps in.

    This is why anyone who’s ½ decent doesn’t share info on VFDC, cuz they get swarmed by scrubs who think you’ve stepped on their pissing ground… Look at unicorn, freaking out like somebody took a shit on his bed. Talk all the crap here but keep it real for sec, he’d be lucky to get a win off SDS in an hour if they actually played. But why waste time playing the game when you can type up shit 24/7 on a website? Say you what will Myke, you are a sellout: you sold the people who love VF for the people who love to post on the internet. Dude it’s LOL that only reminisce of past vets is hailed by Stl tim, the premier agitator of morons.. Sensei? Keep raving , i'm sure you come up with more bullshit justifications. tick tick tick. HAIL Mein Furher Scrubs!! HAIL!!!

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  2. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    You remind me of charlie brown's teacher except with a higher pitch.
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  3. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    You made a claim that "the vets left because of this website" so the burden of proof lies on you to back this up. Not me. You.

    Constructing generalisations, and A, B, C roleplays is not proof.

    So can you name one person that fits this category? Just one?

    Responding to your tantrum is waste of my time, and ordinarily I would just ignore it. But thanks to your deleting rampage, I'm posting this publicly just for transparency, and so that both sides of this pathetic story can be heard. I used to have respect for you, but that time is now long gone. If you have any genuine concerns or ideas about the site or its community that you wish to discuss, you know how to reach me or the mods privately. Attacking people who are trying to help others gets you nowhere.

    For now, let's just take a look at this example you've put up.

    The example you provided in the Burning Driver thread did not pan out the way you described. At all. The point at which you latch onto ("scrubs couldn’t get off Kage’s 3k+g") was well beyond when the thread began its downward spiral. A downward spiral set because of your very first post. From that point on, the abusive and racist remarks toward others just escalated.

    Unfortunately you've gone deleted (how convenient) a lot of your posts, not just the offensive content but in entirety, which makes it difficult for regular users to follow what actually happened. Fortunately, the post history is retained by the system which is proving useful in a case like this.

    As for your deleting rampage, wasn't it you that recently said, "You should not delete what you said, there's nothing to be a shame of" after proceeding to copy/paste someone's original post in order to post a retort? The irony.

    Anyway, let's recap actual events of the Burning Driver (BD) thread:
    1. Mister suggests the BD as a viable option against Kage's 3K+G, and a BT'd Aoi after a ground pick up situation.
    2. Flash corrects Mister's misinformation regarding the Aoi situation, in an offensive way.
    3. Despite the rude tone, Mister thanks Flash for the correction and additional points contributed on Aoi's BT options from this situation.
    4. Ytpme_Secaps erroneously responds to Mister's earlier advice that BD also works against Kage's 3K+G, by stating that it can't be punished (with throws) since it recovers low.
    5. Mister explains to Ytpme_Secaps that while normal (10f) throws whiff, the BD (16f) works due to the timing of Kage's forced low-high recovery transition.
    6. Flash storms in and ridicules Mister's explanation: "does any of this shit make ANY sense? RECOVERS LOW. just stop right there. why would you even attempt BH here? what kage player is stupid enough to stand up backturned here? mister - you're full of bad information."
    7. The outburst is likely due to Flash's failure (at the time) to fully understand the forced recovery phases of Kage's 3K+G.
    8. Flash later acknowledges this newly understood fact, that it is guaranteed punishment, and thanks someone else for testing it. Does he apologise to Mister for his initial misunderstanding ("what kage player is stupid enough to stand up")? No. Does he thank Mister for offering the fact in the first place? No.
    9. Realising he was wrong, Flash dismisses the entire discourse with: "This advice, along with the discussion of it, is a waste of time. Study your opponent, keep your mind free of these junk knowledge".
    What we see here is a deviation from a very simple topic of objectively answering the question "Can X punish Y" into an aggressive argument over the likelihood of "Y" ever occurring in the first place. These are two separate things.

    The fact that several people were initially unsure about the answer to the question, including Flash, which lead them to test and verify the initial claim made by Mister, suggests to me that the overall outcome from this discussion was rather positive. But no, according to Flash, "This advice, ..., is a waste of time."

    So Flash, you work in IT, right? Am I right in saying you should be familiar with Root Cause Analysis? In case you or anyone else isn't, it's a methodology for identifying and treating the original or underlying cause of a problem, rather than its symptoms. The root cause of all of this was your behaviour in your very first post. Not the content you provided, but in the dick-ish way you communicated it.

    Who can spot the difference in how two people respond to being corrected when making a mistake? In summary:
    • Mister makes mistake, gets blasted for it, yet remains civil in admitting to the mistake and offers thanks for the correction.
    • Flash makes mistake, is offered a correction but neither acknowledges being incorrect nor apologises for blasting Mister. Flash then goes on a post deleting rampage because... well, clearly, everything is VFDC's fault. And as everyone knows by now, the site is being tightly ruled under a Nazi regime (Godwin's Law in full effect.)

    What's really bothering you, Flash?

    I don't know if you're angry because we've always been "cursed" with a small scene, and you just need to vent it out on beginners who are on their own journey of learning, and probably aren't good enough to challenge you right now.

    Or maybe they're not developing as much or as quickly as you like and that angers you. Maybe it angers you so much that you need to lash out at people like me who, for some reason, is constantly held responsible for the consequences of everyone else's actions. People like me, the moderators, and VFDC in general are an easy target for people who are angry at a situation they find themselves in and are too lazy, or just can't be bothered, to do anything about it.

    Am I being paid to run this site? Am I being paid to invest my time and money in developing resources which I think others will benefit from? Do you think I enjoy coming here to be insulted on a regular basis? Does the site, or wider community, owe you something? Do I owe you something? Because you sure as hell act like it.

    So you have two choices right now: stop being a dick or just move on. Should you wish to continue this conversation, send me a PM.
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