Theory for replicating korean step on VF4

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Jul 11, 2001.

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    Based on seeing one of the akira vs akira japanese clips. One of the akira's did 3 quick CD's in a row.

    Bryan says the command input is cd, g, cd, g, cd, g etc..

    if you do u, cd, d, cd it produces too long a sequence to look like the korean step

    what if you did

    u, cd, g, d, cd, g

    That may produce the korean step from vf3

    perhaps you can do, u, cd, g, d, cdb (crouch dash back) is cdb ever used as a vf acronym?, g, u, cdb, g, d, cd

    this would produce a type of box

    or how about u, cdb, g, d, cdb, g

    this would look like a reverse korean step backwards.


    Give it a shot if you can! :)
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    Just wanted to clarify real quick.

    What I meant in my post was that according to Jeff, KS as we know it in 3 is impossible in 4 because of the reduced movement in dodges (E). Am I right , Jeff?

    What I was trying to say was that in VF3, I always canceled my E's with CD's so soon that the E was very short. Hence, the "KS" I did in 4 was almost no different to what I used to do in 3 in appearance/speed/depth.

    During E3 I noticed a lot of people (like Manoel/Great Deceiver) didn't cut their dodges/dashes/CDs nearly as short as I did, and got a longer/wider KS; I think it's this that Jeff is saying we can't do anymore, since U or D taps will get you a shorter dodge, even though it can be CD canceled.

    Also, I don't even think it's necessary to tap G between CDs, I was just doing it because that's how I used to Taiwan Step in VF2. I think tapping G between the dodges and CDs in 4 would result in a less smooth motion, as I could go from dodge to CD smoothly (as long as you return to neutral between a CD and a D dodge).

    Like I said, since I didn't try canceling the BD/BCDwith a dodge (or the other way around), I can't attest to wether or not tapping G between would be necessary.

    In any case, I feel pretty confident that after people get used to it, we'll be able to move even more free than KS; aside from what Jeff said about not being able to D dodge during crouching without standing up.


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