These RANKS are messed up

Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by KyoukanFactor, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. KyoukanFactor

    KyoukanFactor Well-Known Member im playin right and I'm at Hero with The All Mighty Kage and I totally whoop a StormLord Akira they i fight a 4th Dan Jacky and get tottally whooped...Whats with this..heres another example:
    I'm fighting Thunderlord Shun Di and a <font color="blue">whoop</font color> him good. Then i get into a fight with a 7th dan Akira and totally get <font color="red"> wrecked </font color> ..whats up with this? has it ever happened to you?
  2. ono

    ono Well-Known Member

    Well first off, All CPU Shun's are easy. Period.

    when your opponets change, you have to change your fighting routine, or at least a little bit. Akira and jacky do not have the same fighting style. Akira is a power player, so if you can take away his power,(i.e. evade it, or use some good sabaki) he is just another shun. But with Jacky, he relies more on his speed, (although he does have some powerful combos) . Fight some Jacky's in Free Training mode, and put them on level 5. Then start to get an understanding of how many hits are in there combos, when there most likely to throw, and find out when there most vulnerable (example being when Jacky does his Kickflip,...block it and you can get a huge float combo in for some major damage.)

    hope this helped a little bit
  3. KyoukanFactor

    KyoukanFactor Well-Known Member

    sorry i didnt mesion this but i have great ease defeating Jacky its Akira and Shun i have trouble with thats why its wierd
  4. ono

    ono Well-Known Member

    ok, well im not positive, because i use Lei Fei as my main character, but for shun, i always make sure to guard LOW. For one, Shun is a small guy, and doesnt have that many attacks that go high. Two, most of the better CPU shun's do alot of sweeping kicks and low uppercuts. Use evade attacks alot and I know kage does alot of rolling around after attacking, and it works (past experience of getting confused) . It usually leaves the opponent with there back turned, and you always have a frame advantage. so for practice just go to the Free Training and do what i said for Jacky.

    As for Akira, Sabaki attacks work very well (frame advantage) and also reversals...but i dont know about Kage's reversals.

    well hope this helped at least a little bit.

  5. BerzePL

    BerzePL Member

    You're right:
    I'm fighting High King Lau(9 La) and beat him like a dog 3-0 with 2 exel. Next I'm fighting 2nd Dan Lau(The King) and he just crushed me 0-3!?!?!?
  6. Foondogg

    Foondogg Well-Known Member

    The computer is punishing you
  7. KyoukanFactor

    KyoukanFactor Well-Known Member

    Is this some new way for me to get "spanked", huh? Izzat it?
  8. Foondogg

    Foondogg Well-Known Member

    Not at all. The same thing happens to me. I trounce a High King easily, then the next match, some little 9th Dan puts up a better fight than the High King did. So me and my brother joke back and forth that the computer is trying to punish me for my win streak, lol /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  9. BananaClips

    BananaClips Member

    to me there actually aint no difference between a high king CPU and a... let's say 9th dan. they all behave the same (on average - some HKs r real stupid a well as some dans). u could lose to a 9th dan as easily as to a high king.
  10. KyoukanFactor

    KyoukanFactor Well-Known Member

    so i shouldnt have a problem with highkings cause you say they are equal to a 9th dan..intrestly game is messed up

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