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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Oct 22, 1999.

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    this place rules, it semas like everyone here is nice, unlike almost every other forum i visit. i think ill start coming here more often (i may have to as soon as i get vf3tb[only 7 more days]). I spent my money on the arcade stick(not sure what i was thinking) and now dont have enough money for vf3, so my dad said he'll get it (he was going to buy the arcade stick, which costed me more than vf so i think thats why he said okay to buiyn vf). I was also wondering just how long would it take me to get good with akira (i honestly dont care if it takes 8 months, because i think he looks awesome and alot of fun, and as long as youre having fun, nothing else matters right?)and was wondering how hard an SPoD and DLC are compared to ivys summon suffering throw(d/f,u/b,f,d,d/f,d/b+x+y) in soul calibur. thx in advance for any responses
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    it's good that you bought the arcade stick. you can SPoD and DLC on the controller, but it ain't comfortable.

    first off, in reply to your question in another thread, the SPoD is built in. so is the DLC.

    how long will it take to get good at akira? well, you can learn all his moves in a matter of weeks, depending on how much you practice. that doesn't mean you'll be able to do them perfectly every time you want, but at least you'll know what the commands are and what the moves look like. practice lots of combos too. never be satisfied with what you can do for more than a day.

    during this time, convince your friends to play too. bribe them if need be. there's no way to really learn vf if you don't have live competition. better yet, convince your dad to play. if you get him hooked, maybe he'll buy you (and himself) a second stick.

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    thx for the advice, my dad is already somewhat into vf, i just have to get him to learn moves and do somethng besides hit buttons. my friend is interested in vf, but im not sure just how interested he is. also i have another question, how long does it take to get good at SPoD's and DLC's?

    P.S.i think its cool how vf has its own little community, i guess thats one advantage of it being less popular than tekken, people actually know who theyre playing in vf, in tekken its just someone, plus i think the moves in vf have cool names, sounds cool talking about them(plus it plays well but you already knew that,and probably everything i said before that but ohwell)
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    no problem.

    umm, how long it takes to be able to pull of the SPoD and DLC consistently really varies from person to person. some people have nimble fingers and a relaxed mind, so they can do them consistently in any situation. other people aren't as lucky. i've been playing vf3 for years but only recently began practicing the SPoD and DLC (i don't play akira seriously, btw). 2/3 DLC has always been easy, then i got the full DLC--but only facing right and while my opponent was on the ground--then i could do it in floats against the computer, then i could finally do it both directions against real players, then....i lost it. now i can only do 2/3 DLC facing right, and--get this--1/3 DLC facing left. and the reason is that i try to do it too fast, and my hand gets ahead of itself--i'm already doing b,f,f+P+K before the d/f+K+G has come out. i can SPoD facing right pretty well now, but not consistently and not against real players.

    but you have an advantage: i had to put $0.50 in the machine every time i wanted the practice, and you have the game at home. you also have training mode--after about stage 4 in the arcade, if you can't SPoD already it's almost impossible to practice. it also sounds like you're making akira you're main character, while i never worked with him much.

    anyhow, as you practice try to keep your mind relaxed. if you get tense, you'll just keep doing the same thing over and over without any improvement. and go practice other characters to refresh yourself.

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    For me, the difficulty in doing SPOD and Ivy's throw is that the SPOD's difficulty varies in the situation that you try to execute it in, whereas Ivy's throw is the same no matter what.

    It's technically possible to SPOD an opponent while he/she is in the middle of a move or still recovering, but outside of Japan, I've only seen two people who could do it consistently (Adam is one of them). I consider SPODing on a standing opponent, however, relatively easy to do.

    The DLC and SPOD are tough to learn together. In the DLC it's important to "tap" the command inputs but in the SPOD it feels more like "pressing" the command inputs. So becoming adept at one comes at the expense of the least until you learn how to automatically adjust your fingers.

    ice-9 | Sennin
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    How long it takes to become good at Akira? i think the most significant factor is the group/friends you have to play vf with you. Akira was my main character for about 2 years, but everyone who have seen my akira knows my akira is at best below average. For most of the 2 years i have only Hans to play with, and at that time he had his hand full with learning Aoi also. And, at that time i didn't realize defeating Aoi is so much easier with Akira compare to Aoi beating Akira, So i was rather comfortable with my about 50/50 winning ratio (which is pretty sad cuz i later realized that Hans didn't care about win so much cuz he wants to learn, on the other hand i was concentrating on winning..). This somehow complex enviroment plus my mental illusion ^^; equals to my sucky akira >_<

    Ukguy on the other hand plays an impressive kage when we were playing at E3, had only played Kage for 3-4 month. I think other than his natural gift, mostly becuz he has some ninja masters within his group (Ryan,the Prince) that can help his learning, and also other competitive friends to pratice with.

    Perhaps Adam should speak for his experience =) but again Hiro was tutoring over the entire New York group (still is i think) ^___^

    -Mike Chuang
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    Also, don't forget that UK Guy played a lot of Tekken, so in terms of button control and dexterity he already had lots of experience.

    Experience in other fighting games really helps a lot. Most beginners have a tendency to button mash, even when they don't mean to, and the urge to just hit those buttons in the hopes of getting something is really hard to resist. But calm fingers are an absolute necessity, and players coming from other fighting games know that and bring that into VF.

    ice-9 | Sennin

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