Those damn bastards lie!!

Discussion in 'Console' started by NewB_4_Life, Jul 1, 2002.

  1. NewB_4_Life

    NewB_4_Life Active Member

    I read in the Virtua Fighter 4 manual it says you need at leat 60KB or free memory to create a new AI player. That's not so in my case, each one I create eats up 600KB. And I browsed the memory card and all the AI's I made use 600KB.

    Is this what everyone else has or am I getting some weird shit on my PS/2?

    Hope I didn't freak anybody out with the subject heading.
  2. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    just did a quick check and yeah it accumulated 600KB on mine as well, really sorry though coz i have no explanation for this
  3. death_raven

    death_raven Well-Known Member

    it might have been just a typo in the manual, although 600KB is a lot of memory just for one A.I. character, its twenty times the size of a VF made character save file
  4. 3of19

    3of19 Well-Known Member

    Well there is an awfull amount of data being saved in such a file, AI routines can grow pretty complex.
  5. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Newbie, this thread belongs in Console.
  6. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I tried it the other day and its said that it took up 600KB.
    <font color="aqua"> So I guess it did lie. </font color>
  7. Slayer

    Slayer Well-Known Member

    They lied!I'm going to have a heart attack! /versus/images/icons/grin.gif So what they probably made a mistake while printing the manuals. /versus/images/icons/mad.gif
  8. redhead

    redhead Well-Known Member

    if thats the case myine lied as well,when i go into options and try to change the round time or number of battles it tells me:APPLIES TO KUMITE AND VERSUS: man was i frustrated when i first got the game and try to fiddle with the options for kumite an nothing worked i even deleted my system file and my players file to start again,doh, /versus/images/icons/frown.gif

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