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    There was a discussion here some time ago about Kage's ub+K reverse kickflip, when Kage's back is exposed to his opponent (this is the attack in which Kage doesn't turn around, and where "b" refers to the direction he's not facing). I believe ice-9 mentioned that for a long time he didn't believe the move existed. We (the group I play in) think we noticed something about this reverse kickflip, and about Lau's similar reverse kickflip as well. If we input the ub+K right away after a TA attack, the reverse kickflip comes out fairly easily, both for Kage and Lau. But if we let Kage/Lau remain with their back exposed for a bit before making an attack, then it seems impossible to make the reverse kickflip work. Kage/Lau will just turn around without attacking. Is there a timing/frames thing here that we have stumbled across, just like Lions' TA attack --> P+K, where the turn toward P+K comes out only if you do it almost immediately (within a few frames) after a TA attack?
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    If you try this in the Training Mode, you'll notice that almost always a u/b is inputted first before the true u/b+K. The reverse kickflip is tricky because if the input is not buffered in (as in a TA attack), you must have u/b+K exactly. Tapping u/b first, even if its a frame, will cause Kage to turn around.

    So it's very possible to do a u/b+K any time...you just have to be more precise. I also use G -> u/b+K to help me out a bit, but the timing even for that is a bit tricky and takes getting used to.

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