Timing problem with PS3 60GB PAL ps2 software emul

Discussion in 'Console' started by SicilianVizzini, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. SicilianVizzini

    SicilianVizzini Well-Known Member

    I was lucky enough to track down a new sealed copy of vf4evo the other week (for £6) to allow me to practice advance techniques that I can’t practice in vf5b’s dojo.

    I was initially really pleased with Sony redirecting the USB inputs of the Hori fighting stick 3 (I bought for vf5) to use with vf4evo, even though it isn’t supported on the ps2 using vf4evo.
    While working through the training sessions I had this niggling feeling that the game wasn’t read my inputs at the time I was pressing the buttons, as though there was input lag, that isn’t there in vf5b.

    I was unable to input 3-4 throw escapes after a guaranteed throw move and even struggled to input 2 consistently. To dispel my theory about input lag, I went into the vf4evo dojo and attempted Akira’s release guard after 1 frame knee move. After 10minutes I still hadn’t been able to perform one using vf4evo on my ps3, so I decided t quickly check it wasn’t me, and loaded vf5b’s dojo and tried again. I was able to consistently perform the move 7 in 10 and so decided to load vf4evo on my old ps2 and try again, but this time using a pad (because I don’t have a ps2 stick). Again I was able to perform the move 5 in 10.

    Could some else (preferable more seasoned at vf than me) check if this move is possible using the ps2 software emulator of the ps3, and confirm if there is input lag converting between USB and ps2 pad in the PS3 firmware (playing vf4evo) or if it is just coincidence that it is not working for me when I’ve tried.

    If it is the case that there is input lag, I will probably try modding an old Hori Gamecube stick with a ps2 Dualshock2 for practice.
  2. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Yeah that move is possible [​IMG]

    I can confirm that the software emulator isn't causing the lag, it runs fine when playing on a PS3.

    I'm not sure if it's your stick or a converter causing the lag, when I use my PS3 stick there's no input lag at all.

    Also i'm not even sure if input lag would affect a move like Akira's KNEE, wouldn't input lag simply make the move come out later?
  3. SicilianVizzini

    SicilianVizzini Well-Known Member

    Thanks for testing that.

    With input lag, if the processing time to translate from USB to emulated PS2 pad was longer than the validity period of a quick user input (such as the knee), then to ensure the user input data stream remains in sync with the game (Isochronous data), the system or game would need to truncate this data from the stream to keep everything in sync; I believe this is happening with my Hori FS3 and ps3’s ps2 emulator, but exactly why it is happening is still a mystery to me.

    I can’t believe it still doesn’t work. I tried again for another half hour after you said you could do it. I unplugged playtv, usb keyboard and mouse and tried a host of different video options and using different USB ports and the Hori FS3 still didn’t work on the emulator. I did try a Six-axis and Dualshock3 both wireless and wired with vf4evo on the emulator and they worked fine. I fired up vf5b straight after and did about five straight off in a row with the hori FS3 and continued do more in the follow 2minutes so I can only assume that there is a specific problem with my setup, or the Hori FS3 USB enumeration and the way the system translates the data to the emulator is screwed up.

    By the way is your joystick an official ps3 accessory? Or did you modd an old stick using a six-axis, Dualshock 3 or third party pad? or are you using a converter? my Hori FS3
    is official and designed for ps3, all orignal factory components, unmodded.
  4. Feck

    Feck Well-Known Member Content Manager Akira

    Yeah my stick is a PS3 one, the Virtua Stick High Grade.

    I really have no clue what could be causing your issues, I have little experience with stuff like this.

    Hopefully someone else can help [​IMG]
  5. SicilianVizzini

    SicilianVizzini Well-Known Member

    Thanks, the information you’ve supplied has been really useful.

    Knowing the Virtua Stick High Grade works makes me think it is specific to the Hori FS3. I’ll borrow a different make of arcade stick from a friend or wait till the next showdown, and test it again.

    It is my own fault; I guess I should have invested in the high grade.
  6. SicilianVizzini

    SicilianVizzini Well-Known Member

    Checked last night using a friend's Subsonic Arcade stick, Akira's knee worked fine with vf4evo on the ps3's ps2 emulator.

    If I want to fix the problem with Ps2 emulator and the Hori FS3, it looks like I'll need to email Sony to get it put in a new firmware update beyond (2.80).

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