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Tokyo Vf

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Crazy_Galaxy, May 16, 2005.

  1. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    I'll be in Tokyo next week arriving on 25th , if anyone wants to have a few vf excursions with some London noobs?.. /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  2. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

    How long you going to stay? I'll be in town on a business trip from from June 6th to maybe June 8th....
    Who else is going to be around? GP? Shou?

    And I'm really lucky, they're putting me up at the Keio Plaza Hotel, about a four minute walk from Shinjuku Sports Land (or whatever they are calling it these days)...

  3. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    roughly around 2 weeks, June 6th might be cutting it fine though to when I leave though /versus/images/graemlins/tongue.gif , if possible though it'll be good to have a few games. I'm assuming best place for meet up's would be
    Shinjuku Sports Land.
  4. RandomHajile

    RandomHajile Well-Known Member

    no doubt you will "quit vf" when you come back

    then moan about evo ver b/FT not being here!

    haha, anyways u going on your tod?
  5. BK__

    BK__ Well-Known Member

    yeah, the funnier thing is he probably will..

    have a great time oli, rinse it while you can^^
  6. archangel

    archangel Well-Known Member

    I'll choose to ignore another stupid post by random and just say i hope you have a good time olli remember to take lots of photos and stuff /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  7. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    Cheers guys will do ^_^ ,
    (Nah going with some friends Random)
  8. Shou

    Shou Well-Known Member

    We have a group of English speaking VFers in Tokyo who can meet up. The main VF arcade is called Club Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi, don't get it confused with the numerous Shinjuku Sportslands near Kabukicho.

    Tokyo English speaking VFers:
    GuttiYuki (well he is from Kansai but should be here then)
  9. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    Good to hear you guys will still be around... Well, I can tell you for certain I'll be there Monday night June 6th sometime... Dunno what time I'll be done meetings and what not... Looking forward to it!

  10. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    Ok nice one Shou, not sure what I'm gonna be doing on what days yet but I'll proby pop in for a friday night of the 27th seeing from what I read Friday's gets the most action.
  11. YuuKun

    YuuKun Well-Known Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    _optimus_ said:
    proby pop in for a friday of the 27th seeing from what I read Friday's gets the most action.

    [/ QUOTE ]

    yeah, i was thinking to drop by Sega Shinjuku Nishiguchi on friday as well, most probably on the 3rd June. fingers crossed hoping the joysticks is better than Troc's. lol /versus/images/graemlins/wink.gif sure it's gonna feel different from our usual friday night session, can't wait...
  12. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    See you and your skanky Lion there! ^_^
  13. YuuKun

    YuuKun Well-Known Member

    [ QUOTE ]
    _optimus_ said:

    See you and your skanky Lion there! ^_^

    [/ QUOTE ]

    i'll show you the true powwaaar of skank with workable joysticks. now you don't have an excuse when i beat you down! /versus/images/graemlins/tongue.gif
  14. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    Re: Brucked!

    Just plaed in Shinjuku Sportsland today, overall got brucked, ok have to uuse my famous excuses, tiredness from a day of walking and general non final tuuned compliance :p ,
    Got brucked good and proper by M.Shun from this board, nice Shun didn:t beat him :p but I managed to beat Oshu`s akira on 1st go and Mask`s Jacky on 2nd so aint all bad.
    It:s alot easier when you don`t know who it is though, soon as I see Jin`s kage had to have a try, back turned madness!! Credit off!

    p.s Thanks to Shou and M.Shun for showing me the players etc, nice sarah too (Can:t get on messenger & Irc at the mo, pc:s tied up by other people and this apple mac is lame , I`ll Pm you the no of the place I`m staying till the meantime)

    p.s.s(Tony if your in Tokyo now this is the arcade to go to, I`ll pm you my no too).

    Pm boxes are full :
    My no 0332613939
    Room no 104 , if I`m not in leave message with desk /versus/images/graemlins/wink.gif , nice one.
  15. archangel

    archangel Well-Known Member

    Re: Brucked!

    haha cool oliie you manage to go to akibahara?
  16. supergolden

    supergolden Well-Known Member

    Hey guys,

    I'm planning to get into town Sat June 4th so if you wanna hang out, play some VF or eat at some greasy American restaurant I'd be all for that!

  17. akapan

    akapan Active Member

    Hi, all. it was bit exciting to see England players playing at the hard core VF place, Nishi Supo.
    ( I have been London arcade couple times.)

    I guess 3rd and/or 4th will be a day for international VF day(s)! I usually go to Nishi Supo (how do call it nowadays?) on weekends mainly Saturday.

    looking forward to play with some of you guys---
  18. KTallguy

    KTallguy Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I would have been there but I am suffering from another death cold right now... uuuuhhh.... I'll be better soon (I hope...).
  19. Crazy_Galaxy

    Crazy_Galaxy Well-Known Member

    yeah really busy from tourist stuff, I think this friday/weekend is good for vf /versus/images/graemlins/smile.gif
  20. Gary_Ho

    Gary_Ho Member

    Hi All,

    This is Gary Ho from Hong Kong.

    I'll go to Japan with two HK VFers on this Sat.(4/6-8/6)
    Knowing that Myke and Kim have a great Japan Trip last time and spend a wonderful night in the house of Champion.
    We wanna to have a Great Trip aslo.

    So, we wanna to meet all the Tokyo English speaking VFers and the Japan's VFers in SHINJUKU West Exit SportLand on Sat. night.
    We will be there at Eight O'clock.

    I'll get the japan cell phone number tonight.
    If U don't mind, I mean the Tokyo English speaking VFers, please help to contact the Japan's VFers or leaving me a contact for having a short talk through the phone.

    Best Regards

    Gary Ho
    From HK-ENT.NET

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