(Toronto) How many ....

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by SOS2, Oct 21, 2001.

  1. SOS2

    SOS2 Member

    (Toronto) How many ....

    By any chance, how many of the VF old school Elites in Toronto are going to play VF4 ? I remember bumping into Carlos at the 3day rave (WEMF99) almost 3 years ago, at this time both of us are pretty sketchy due to the fact of the night before of partyin' hard and no sleep. He said " Naw, I won't be playing VF4, b/c it took a lot of money to keep up with the game " I hope this isn't true, even tho I saw him play 3rdS afew times at Funland about 4months ago. My opinion ... more Elite old schoolerz can teach the newbies a lot of stuff and show us the wayz of a true Virtua Fightin'

  2. SOS2

    SOS2 Member

    Re: (Toronto) How many ....

    I really want to learn the infamous Taiwanese and Korean steps for VF4. ( Even from this day, I'm still strachin' my head when Fat Joe did 4 Akira palm attacks on me without chargin' nor recover time on VF3tb)

  3. Emil

    Emil Well-Known Member

    Re: (Toronto) How many ....

    "Fat Joe"


  4. franman

    franman Member

    Hello Torontians. Fellow scrub VF5 player from the Soul Calibur scene interested in learning VF5 FS.

    Already downloaded the game; that's the first step and now trying to get use to the system.
  5. Roguelike

    Roguelike New Member

    Hello franman, you might be interested in this
    TTT Tournament

    I can't make it, but hopefully some others will
  6. b4k4

    b4k4 Well-Known Member

    Hey folks:

    There are definitely players in Toronto actively playing the game, including a few who've been with the series since at least VF 2/3. I started in 4, myself.

    We have regular gatherings at A & C Games on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's on Spadina one light south of Bloor. Also, as Roguelike mentioned, there is an upcoming tournament this Sunday, so it's a great chance for you to meet the players currently active in the scene.

    Hope to see you all there!
  7. MysticBoudha

    MysticBoudha Well-Known Member

    I plan on coming eventually with a friend or two. Im from montreal trying to build something here too.
  8. b4k4

    b4k4 Well-Known Member


    Add me on PSN man. We should have a good connection. Also, I have lots of family in Montreal, so I'm there at least 2 or 3 times a year. I generally make my way down to Foonzo when I'm there. Do you know if VF is getting any run there now that it's out? I always reach out to the FG guys (Soul Cal, KoF, MvC etc) when I'm in town, so I'll let you know!
  9. franman

    franman Member

    Unfortunately I can't make it to the tournament Neorussell sets up.

    And such a shame... I was gonna stick with an arcade stick however with my fighting pad, I was able to perform things in certain situations that I can't perform with my arcade stick.

    So with the fight pad, I have no choice but to use button binds.
  10. franman

    franman Member

    So ya I'm surprise no1 actually posts here anymore or you guys got better things to do like actually train VF5 FS very hard.

    I hope some of you guys show up tomorrow @ A&C. I'll be there after 5 for both SC5 and VF5 FS.

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