Toshinden,wow I've posted a lot today!!!!!

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Guest, Nov 13, 2000.

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    Well to get a little nostalgia today,I played Battle Arena Toshinden 1 for PSX,one of my first PSX games.I loved it when I first got it,but then it faded...Well not anymore!I mean that game is so different from most fighting games.Graphics are very VF 1-ish,but gameplay is a mix of 3-D fighter style with 2-D fighter style.How?I'll explain:

    Most 3-D fighter moves are NOT hadouken or shoryuken motions (also known as fire ball and dragon punch),but Toshinden has pretty much nothing but shoryuken and hadouken type moves.The combo system totally rocks (even though it doesn't show your number of hits) I usually do something like with Kayin,jump in with a kick,go standing kick,ducking kick,standing kick,ducking kick,then his hurricane kick type move.Pretty cool stuff.I guess after playing the Capcom VS. games over the years,I started getting combo crazed.Anyway,thought I'd just post this.

    P.S.A lot of people dissed the Toshinden anime,but I thought it was alright.

    "Twin Energy Boorus!"

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    Ah Toshindan my first PS game how I loved the SNK style supers and desperations,also had one of my favourite bosses of all time (no not that akuma rip off sho)Gaia,I love those huge seemingly indestructible last bosses.Oh and the music was some of the best Fighting music around shame the other Tosh games weren't as good :(
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    it's completely off-topic you idiot (nt)

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    The graphics were incredible.........saturn vf1 looked almost ridicolous in comparison..................but in terms of gameplay i think the difference was huge(VF was a far better game...gameplay,very different characters to play,animation)

    brumm,brumm,brumm,sadly the toshinden series started to get worse after Toshinden 2 ..........but their D-Xhird experiment(innovativ) for the saturn was very interesting....although takara never was able to make good handdrawn animations.......sad

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