Tot vs Chibita

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Tot, Nov 13, 2001.

  1. Tot

    Tot Active Member

    Since my Lei never seems to be improved, I started using other charactors. I started using Lion and Jacky.
    I have seen Chibita hundred times but I never paid an attention to him before since I did not use Lion.
    However, I went to Nishisupo again and saw Chibita and decided to play agaisnt him using my beginner 4th kyu Lion.

    Then what happened? I could not interrupt his attacks at all!
    Punch doesnt work, elbow doesnt work and he just keep attacking me!

    My friend who is 5th dan Lei also could not touch him at all.
    It seems like he mix is P, b,f+P+K, d+P but as a Lion begginer, I am not sure what a heck he is doing.

    If any good Lion players out there have watched his movies,
    could you please tell me what he is doing???
  2. Big Dipper

    Big Dipper Well-Known Member

    Excellent. Doma arigoto. It takes courage to challenge a known bad arse. Please send your observations of Chibita lion move strategies and move sequencing to: Thank you for sharing your recent battles. email when you or any VF4 friends plan to visit NYC.
  3. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Tot, I don't play Lion, but after watching the Chibita movies I noticed a couple things that might help you out.

    From what I've seen, the d+P is used quite a few times to start his flowchart. After the d+P, he'll usually go into another attack. I also noticed he would often crouch-dash backwards after the d+P and then sidekick (df+K). Other times he would just do D,f+P after the d+P, and of course, he would use other attacks after the d+P as well. But the main thing I noticed is that Chibita never stops attacking (that's what impresses me most about him), so after you block his d+P, I think you should expect another attack and be prepared to dodge. Most of Lion's fast mid-attacks are linear, so I think dodging would be a good option. So if you're successful with the dodge, be prepared to attack or throw him right away.

    Since you are playing Lion, then you should be more familair with his attacks than I am. So my final suggestions would be to learn how to block Lion's different attacks, especially the ones that knock you down or produce kuzure down on counter hit. The b,df+P hits low and the followups to b,f+K+G can be tricky, but once you get used to them, you should be able to block them safely. For me, these two moves of Lion still give me the most trouble when they are mixed up with all of other Lion's attacks.

    Finally, another way to improve your game is to try to analyse why you lost. What was it that you were doing, or not doing? If you're unfamiliar with Lion, then the only way to fix that is to play with and against Lion more. In fact, my general advice would be to just play as much as you can, it's the best way to learn. Anyway, I hope some of this helps. Good luck! :)
  4. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Big Dipper, I've noticed you, on more than one occasion, have this habit of taking and not giving. "Please send me this", "Email me that".

    The guy here is asking for help, and you're supposedly in on this Lion Brotherhood thing, so why don't you give him a hand?

    And if you're going to attempt to speak/type his language, why don't you at least try to get the spelling correct? If you're not sure how to spell it correctly, then don't even bother.
  5. Big Dipper

    Big Dipper Well-Known Member

    Sumimasen, shitsurei shimasu. Honestly, I have not yet played VF4 . I was going to go to the arcade yesterday and we had the unfortunate American Airlines tragedy in Queens. I will refrain from asking questions until I can contribute in a quid pro quid fashion in the future. Sorry to have wasted the bandwidth with my incessant questioning. Please let me know when you will be in NYC so I may have the satisfaction of kicking your arse in VF4. Arigato gozaimasu. Jaamataashita.
  6. Tot

    Tot Active Member

    Thank you for your comment. I guess I was so excited about his moves and didnt not observe them well. Also, right after he lost, he started using Kage(9th dan) and not able to do so.

    What he uses often I remember is b,f+P and it is still hard for me to distinguish it from normal punch. I will observe his moves next time I see him and hopefully I can post something here.

    I just started using Lion couple days ago. I will study more about him and hopefully I can share with you guys.
    Or, I am much more used to Lei and Jacky so I will use them to see how he reacts.
  7. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Tot-san, you want to pit your just-starting-Lion with Chibita's best-in-Japan-Lion?! You're brave...! But, I don't know how I can help you beat him. Mmm...sabotage his side of the cabinet?
  8. Big Dipper

    Big Dipper Well-Known Member

    Re: Tot vs Chibita (round opener ideas)

    Tot-san, at the start of the round against an aggressive and highly accomplished VF4 player like chibita-san you may wish to experiment w/ the following:

    <> Back-dash . Prepare middle attack from this vantage point.
    ( f+P or d/f+K as chibita-san approaches)

    <> u+P+K. My favorite. Lion let¡¦s out a good yell and knocks down >u/f+K.

    <> PP > follow-up with d+K or Throw or u+K,K >

    <>dash in > back+P+G >d/f+P(groung attack).

    <> d/b+K if it misses back-dash and prepare to FC_+P or d/f+K

    <> d+K, >FC_+P or any throw you feel is appropriate considering your

    <> b+P+K (this is OK, if used on the rare occasion that your opponent is a
    bit slow to initiate their evades many high and mid-level

    <> Crouch-dash (somewhat risky, but the reward is big if you anticipate

    <> d/f+K+G >u/f +K should really piss em off.
    <> Dash-forward > Throw . Any throw will work. Mix it up.u/f+P+G or d/f+P+G

    <> Elbow. Against an aggressive player like chibita-san you may get a counter hit then >d+K+G or d/b+K+G >> throw of choice. If your elbow
    is ever blocked you may need to duck . If your opponent is aggressive
    (and is¡¦nt chibita always) after your duck then D_f+P for a wonderfilled float!
    If your elbow staggers then you may use all of the above and also > Sidekick!

    One of Lion¦s best throws against Lion or Kage is b+P+G. good luck.
    Maybe we will start an interesting discussion now that Ive tried VF4 and we have access to some of the best players of VF4 here on this board (Adam_YUKI, Jason Cha, Yupa, ICE-9, BigCat, HIRO, crewNY,Piccolo, etc) .
    Of course the above is written by ScruB Magnus aka BananaFingers. ;>)
    if it works.. thank BigCat and Shota T. if it does NOT work blame nycat!
  9. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    sigh, if only I have the chance to play vs chibita....

    anyway, d,f+p+k is appreciably slower than p but recovers faster I think. no frame data just gut feeling. The animation is longer so the simple way to beat it is down+P which gives you a MC and good position.

    I watched Chibita's movie quite a number of times. His d+p followup is very strong. He seldom does f+P as followup. Even when he does he seems to do a small crouch dash forward before executing the f+P maybe to tempt the opponent into attacking. Anyway, lion's d_f+p seems to be able to avoid some mid attacks. I Definately saw chibita dodge a rising high kick with d+f+p.

    Somehow, he predicts very well and his damage comes from throws and punishing blocked moves. While he himself is very good at breaking throws. I do not know if he is using something complex like option select everytime he is in an unfavourable position. Hey can you look at his fingers when his d_f+P gets blocks :) what does he do at that time????

    BTW, if you want to interrupt with Lion, P and elbow is not exactly very fast. d+P is the way to interrupt :)

    Dodge is a good idea but Lion is weak after a successful dodge compared to the other characters as he does not have a STRONG+FAST mid move.

    seriously, I look forward to your reports on how you fare vs Chibita, esp on any new tactics he have.
  10. Big Dipper

    Big Dipper Well-Known Member

    Tot-san, I just finished a quick read of CreeD s FAQ on posting here. The SEARCH feature at top of page will yield awesome tips for your battles w/ chibita-san s Mantis-masked Lion! Enter ___ Lion Stuff ... ___ in SEARCH and you will find posts sharing ideas that could be useful in your combat. One more round opener for you: 8K(u+K)Mantis Hop Kick is a fine addition to your arsenal of <>round openers<> (number 12 in Lion VF4 FAQ). It is very fast in execution and recovery. u+K may also avoid chibita s low opening thrust ( 66P(f,f+P) or43P(b,d/f+P). Additionally it may hit as MC and allow OTB 66K(?). ( special thanks to Shota Tamora-san for most of the opener suggestions and a tip of the hat to HIRO, our New York Sensei for u+K round opener). ( contributions by or discussions of Alan Tan, Chanchai, ghost Dog, Myke, Mr. Bungle, Boston Rich, Chris( VOOM Master of Doom) Tan and others.) Jaamataashita. =Ordo Templi Magnus Mantis Orientis=
  11. uk-guy

    uk-guy Well-Known Member

    WTF!! Chibita also plays Kage!
  12. Tot

    Tot Active Member

    I saw Chibita again yesterday. I am not sure if my observation is useful since I am new to Lion, I will do my best.
    Most of the time, he starts from b,f+p+k then,

    -> throw
    -> p -> f+p -> p
    -> p -> d,b/d,b+p -> f,f+k,k
    -> p -> p

    Well, I can go forever with the list. What is so good about
    Chibita is so unpredictable. He changes his style against each charactors also.
    One thing I noticed is that when he is to be attacked or throwed, he often uses d,b/d,b+p.

    In the middle range, uses f/d+k often.

    In the long range sometimes uses b,f/d+p followed by f,f+k,k

    I have no idea why he uses b,f+p+k so often because when I use it, it is often to be interrupted because it does not
    execute so fast??????????

    When his d,f+p is blocked, nobody tried to throw him so
    he starts from this normal flow chart.

    I played against him twice.. got beaten pretty bad in front of
    big crowd.. I decided to play against CPU for sometimes
    since I am not yet dont not know also his movies and those moves are still not part of me. One day, I hope I can beat

    My friend who is 10th dan in Akira was the only guy was able to beat Chibita. He beat Chibita 2 times and got beaten 3
    times. Otherwise, he never got beaten even tho he played about 50 games then he left nishisupo since there are not
    so many good players.

    He often talks to his friends while he is playing but still able
    to win.. geez....
  13. Tot

    Tot Active Member

    arrrg... I have no idea with Kage.. when he start playing Kage..
    I just walk away..

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