Training mode helps me (A newcomer) a great deal

Discussion in 'Dojo' started by samurai, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. samurai

    samurai New Member

    Before (vf3), I could never use Akira. He was too hard and too different for me to use. After hours of basic training with him in the various training modes, I now have a very basic understanding of the character. I have a POWERFUL combo down, a multi throw combo or two, and some basic striking moves and juggles that are VERY powerful. This is a first for me in the VF series, I could NEVER use this character before, and it's a great feeling to finally get a handle on the character. The training modes have really helped me, I have practiced basic ones and advanced ones, and I will do so continuously.

    I just ended a fight with a magnificent counter. Now, these aren't the "Super cheesy DOA3 counters" that ANYONE can pull off. These counters take skill and timing to get off. What made it great was that I didn't even think about using the counter, I instinctively used it after I had put in a good amount of time training it. A very rewarding experience.

    I can't do all the moves of Akira, some of them are just too difficult for me to get off right now. But, this is truly a first for me-getting a basic knowledgeof the character. For the first time, my Akira play actually had a pattern and flow to it. I was attacking and defending, not just spastically mashing or repeating one or two moves over and over. It was good, basic, compact powerful technique. That's what the training modes did for me.

    That is all /versus/images/icons/laugh.gif
  2. samurai

    samurai New Member

    Oh, and one other thing. The designers did a great job of depicting BaJi Quan, Akiras style. I am familiar with this style of martial arts, and the guys who made the game really did their homework for the most part. It's really great to see that kind of quality in a game.
  3. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    Good to know that the training mode in VF4 PS2 is helping you out. Welcome to the (hardcore) VF scene! =)
  4. takira

    takira Well-Known Member

    well they should have done this kind of training system long time ago when the game needed it mostly!
    & I think that what made the game die in someplaces like biggeners didnt know what the hell is going on
    or maybe im wrong
  5. samurai

    samurai New Member

    Oh, thanks for the welcome!

    I agree with the last poster. VF4 is a complex game that beginners tend to shy away from. The training mode is a great help to beginners or anyone who needs the basics.
  6. Chanchai

    Chanchai Well-Known Member

    Wonderful to hear! I just hope whoever did the translation to the training mode did an appropriate translation of all of the content on the training mode.

    Anyways, let the other gaming forums know how good the VF4 training system it is. How it told you that which you did not know about the VF engine in general. Etc... Some players couldn't stand the VF series because they couldn't understand how to play the game (many of whom also refuse to try using the block button for more than 30 minutes). I figure this training mode will help a lot.

    BTW, there was a nice training mode in the Japanese version of Last Bronx for the Saturn. It mostly trained people in the ways of using G-Cancels, but it was still really cool with SD characters giving you lectures and example material to work with and immitate. The VF4 training mode seems to be quite an evolution from that training mode, and I'm glad to see a training mode discuss concepts of a game.

  7. Bronzefist

    Bronzefist Member

    Well I picked up my VF4 today. Played against a buddy in it for some time. We both checked out the training mode and found one disappointment: No 2nf player support! Maybe we didnt look hard enough, but I have a feeling that Sega left out the option to have a 2nd player participate in training mode with you. This is the ONLY disappointment I have with training thus far....however:


    Now pleas excuse my liberal use of caps lock, but I cant help but admire the effort they put into VF4's training and tutorial modes. I'm a VF newbie as well and the trial mode has helped me so much only after and hour or two of play. OMG this the BEST in-game tutorial I've seen for a 3d fighter. I am so glad that Sega went the extra length to include such a comprehensive trial mode because it REALLY makes learning the VF system a hell of alot easier. Bravo!

    This game got me hooked!

  8. feixaq

    feixaq Well-Known Member

    We both checked out the training mode and found one disappointment: No 2nf player support!

    Ah yes, this is the only source of irritation for me as well. It would be nice to have free training with throw indicators, damage meters and frame counters with 2 human players... but, nope. =(
  9. cynigal

    cynigal New Member

    I'm a newbie to fighting games in general (never really liked Tekken or DOA), but I would have to say that this game was worth every penny...and more. The training mode was so helpful that for once in my life, I kicked my boyfriend's arse yesterday! Of course, he got a lot better today and now it's my turn for the beating. But it's still fun. And like all of you, I really wished the training mode was 2 players...'cause I need all the help I can get.

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