Trashed at AMK funland! Experts pls help!

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by cdash, Oct 22, 2001.

  1. cdash

    cdash New Member

    Hi everyone! New to this forum.Heard it from a fren at bugis the other day! Saw lots of old faces when i went down to play last sat! Anyone remember this young man playing wolf/jeffrey/sarah.........juz played him at amk funland last night.Can anyone PLEASE give me some tips to beat him cuz its like getting trashed by his wolf in 10 secs or so each round.I finally gave up after being trashed like 13-0! He would pick me up if i did not tech roll after his combos and like fake me into standing for the giant swing or combo me with the @#$%knee punch whatever......... if i tech roll, he executes wolf low throw which takes away like half of my lifebar and he abuses the giant swing like mad!!!!!!!! I got to admit that his tactics are extremely fast and intimidating but surely there is a way to break it. BTW i play pai/sarah/lau! I remembered this guy all the way back in vf2 cuz he abuses the fucking kage senbon infinity so often! Anyway i saw this lion guy that had a couple of wins over him at bugis last sat using lion's new lunging jab combo and low rndhouse.He seems a nice guy but i desperately need to find a way to break his zoning tactics. Any advice or help would be appreciated.Thanks!!!!!!!!
  2. akiralove

    akiralove Well-Known Member

    There are a couple of ways to avoid getting low thrown out of a tech roll. The fisrt is to hold up on the joystick, stepping into the screen. Another is to buffer an attack into the tech roll. While I've confirmed that the first method works, The second didn't work well for me (got thrown before the attack came out); but Alan said he read at Daily VF4 that's a good way to do it.

    Secondly, if he's abusing the Giant Swing, you can try low punches to hit during the short dash forward, or just throw escape with f+P+G. If he's alternating between GS and d/f,d/f+P+G, you can do f+P+G, then roll the lever to d/f+P+G to double throw escape.

    If he's making a 50/50 game with knee/throw, try escaping to his back side, then entering the Throw Escape quickly, for Escape/Throw Escape. This escape should also avoid the short shoulder.

    Since you're using speedy characters, I'd recommend keeping the pressure on and forcing him to play YOUR game, not the other way around. Remember, Wolf is a little slow, and a simple character. If he's controlling you, he's probably intimidated you into freezing up. Stay on him and you should be able to beat him to the punch. If he guards your attack, escape/throw escape and you'll probably be okay. Vf4 allows you to escape in recovery, so use that to your advantage.

    Good Luck.

  3. koro128

    koro128 Well-Known Member

    Last evening i was there and left early cos the game had no sound!!! that took 30% of the game away.
    Anyway it was a waste to miss him last evening.

    cdash, firstly technically how are you comparable to him? did u have any chance of beating him at all?
    On Sat nite or SUnday i posted together with the guy u mentioned who used Lion, abt this guy called kiat.
    He uses very simple moves and makes all other fancy moves to shame.

    I must say frankly this guy is pretty much above a lot of people and have 65% chance of beating me. People there last
    Sat choose to challenge the other machine in BUgis than to challenge this guy. Sub conciously they've already admitted
    defeat to him. Unfortunately to improve you have to play against someone better, not worse.

    By the way, Spotlite analysis is great, especially the part to "PLAY your game, not his".. so i think when necessary crouch backwards to keep a distance away.

    I'm sure you have gained experience playing him and trust me, even if he beats you the next time it wont be that easy

    gd luck!

    When the chill of winter comes to hell, only the fittest resist the Bell. - Navy SEAL
  4. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member


    can you explain that it means by escape in recovery? Do you mean we can cut short our recovery time by entering U to dodge??? I didn't KNOW that. Isn't that very useful?

    Played vs Kiat today. Well not too bad. Only lost consitently to his Jeffery :) the rest was pretty okay. Maybe he was not warmed up. Kiat like to recover low after a stagger, try another mid attack then throw. That gives me tons of damage as he doesn't tech roll a CD,f+P+G,b,f+K+G.

    Well, the d+P is BLODDY STRONG. I keep wondering why give Wolf a reversal for d+P... now I know. Maybe a dodge mid attack will work but dodging has not really caught on in Singapore yet.
  5. cdash

    cdash New Member

    Thanx for the advice everyone! Hope to be able to beat this guy soon! Muz start using mid attacks more often!!! Alantan........ i assume you are the guy who were using lion the other day at bugis....... saw you win him a couple of times! Anyway you stand a better chance winning him using lion, your wolf was ok but lion was better! BTW how do you buffer in the throws so quickly in battle cuz i saw kiat perform jeffrey's splash moutain like in one motion! Would anyone care to explain this theory??? and wat is the best way to break out of a giant swing?
  6. DeLune

    DeLune Well-Known Member

    I haven't play VF4 yet so I can't comment much. But I had play with Kiat thousand of times ever since VF2. Kiat is a very good opponent to play with. He does not use flashy stuff instead he uses simple moves a lot. His good execution of moves is due to playing VF a lot ever since VF2. He can frustrate opponents a lot. I agree with koro128 that you need to play with a more skillful opponent in order to improve. It might be a bit painful to your wallet but that is the only way to improve. I don't think you can beat Kiat so soon. It takes time. You may be able to break one of Kiat's move but he always got something else up his sleeves. One thing about Kiat is that he got a lot of new ideas. Play or watch how he play more often. He is a very friendly guy. He will be able to teach you a trick or two to you if you ask him nicely.
  7. koro128

    koro128 Well-Known Member

    True. There are indeed other opponents who are as good or better than
    Kiat. MEanwhile i discovered more and more
    opponents are adopting the strategy of moving very close to you once u fall and start launching a series of low punchs
    and elbows when u rise. It must have been VERY common. What are the ways to counter this? IMO
    1. Block the first 2 moves, then start using d+p to counter his high/low punch.
    2. Move backwards to create more space in between, then you can launch ur own attack from there. Depending on character, you may have specific moves to move backwards further and faster.
    3. Evade either out or into the screen.
    4. high or low kick on recovery. Dangerous but 50/50 chance. Beware of opponents running towards you only after you
    recover fully.

    When the chill of winter comes to hell, only the fittest resist the Bell. - Navy SEAL

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