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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by Doggyollie, Mar 20, 2002.

  1. Doggyollie

    Doggyollie Member

    Anyone in Arizona play? Specifically Tucson, but phx too.
  2. SaBrE

    SaBrE Member

    doggy: a lot of us phx/mesa people are playing hardcore vf4 now. let us know whenever you come up. we have a japanese vf player in town going to ASU too
  3. KAGE2000

    KAGE2000 Member

    I heard you got a VF4 machine at Golf N' Stuff, but it was defective. Sounds like a tuff break. Is there a VF 4 machine in Maricopa County?
  4. SaBrE

    SaBrE Member

    yes, there is one at metrocenter. but no one but the button mashers play there. gotta know the crew to get some vf4 games in. the button mashers there think akira is gonna throw a hadoken or something by pounding on the stick and buttons. its sad.

    also, jillians by where i live has a vf4 machine. its up on tatum and loop 101. but its like 1.50 a game. super expensive place. and its only on 2of3 rounds. pretty ghey

    you should come play us sometime man, we would like to have more people to play. we even have a vf player from japan thats going to school here thats in our group. we play down in mesa mainly.

    where you at? the more the merrier
  5. KAGE2000

    KAGE2000 Member

    I am in Gilbert, I don;t drive much because 1)I don't like driving around much and 2) I really don't have my own car. Where exactly is Metrocenter? I always hear about it, but have never gone and how much is it per game? I don't care if there are button smashers I NEED to play this game and I dont have a PS2..........DAMN!
  6. SaBrE

    SaBrE Member

    metrocenter is in phoenix. on I-17 & dunlap. cant miss it. its inside the mall, not in castles and coasters. unless they got it finally. its at 2 tokens. but you are better off playing our crew. we dont play too far from mesa golfland.

    how old are you? just curious
  7. KAGE2000

    KAGE2000 Member

    Metrocenter is too far, damn my laziness. I am 16.
  8. SaBrE

    SaBrE Member

    you sound like you are dodging my offerings. why dont you come to our gatherings on friday nights to get some games in. which is what ive been asking the whole time heh. you arent that far from where we play. try to hitch a ride, and im sure one of us can give you a ride back or something. we always welcome new blood. whether its vf, street fighter, or marvel games. we play it all. plus we are having a huge tourney soon. with vf4, cvs2, mvc2 and possibly t4 if we get a hold of the ps2 version.

    lemme know whats up
  9. KAGE2000

    KAGE2000 Member

    Maybe I can try to join you. Where do you play and what is the average age of your crew anyways?
  10. SaBrE

    SaBrE Member

    varies. im 22. some of the people are like 16. anywhere between 16-22. we play at cigarbob's place. he has a split cabinet we play on. really dope setup. i think his place is on dobson, near southern i believe? i dunno the address. i just know how to get there from phoenix lol
  11. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    "also, jillians by where i live has a vf4 machine. its up on tatum and loop 101. but its like 1.50 a game. super expensive place. and its only on 2of3 rounds. pretty ghey "

    sweet baby jesus..that is way too expensive. and pretty ghey......... man, buy a ps2 if you can (not that you needed me to tell you that).....
  12. SaBrE

    SaBrE Member

    yeah heh. got the game the day it came out. little bit on the ugly side compared to naomi2. but plays like a dream. definitely no complaints here with its slew of options.

    heh, even cvs2 is at 1.50

    are you in AZ? or just posting regarding that?
  13. KAGE2000

    KAGE2000 Member

    Maybe you could PM me some address and times and I will see if i can make it.
  14. Doggyollie

    Doggyollie Member

    Finally, I didn't think anyone would post to this thread. I heard raf, dan, chris are playing. I am down to roll up there some time, but getting a ride is the hard part, seeing how I don't have a car. I will get one in late may though. I am 21 and just started playing. So I am definetely a scrub, but an avid learner. So you guys usually play fri nights? I'll see what I can do to get up there. I'll post here and let you know when or if I can come up there.
  15. SaBrE

    SaBrE Member

    doggy: yeah dan plays. his lei fei is pretty mean. chris plays a little. not much tho. raff plays. or he did. dunno if hes been playing lately. but dan definitely plays. thats obvious. he does nothing in his life but play games, so its natural to say hes playing heh.

    kage: cool, we are playing this friday evening if you are down
  16. KAGE2000

    KAGE2000 Member

    I don't have school this Friday so MAYBE I can play with you. but I would need to know what time. I can't if it is too late.
  17. MadKatJun

    MadKatJun Member

    what up everyone. doggy we need to roll to phoenix and learn how to play this game, and sabre no tag in the tourny WTF?!
  18. SLA

    SLA Active Member


    You Tuscon guys are boners. Damn scrubs...

    LOL. MKJ -- still trying to make it out here or what? I don't think I'll be able to travel again until after this next quarter is over.
  19. MadKatJun

    MadKatJun Member

    Re: Man!

    what up SLA. naw i dont think i can make it out there, till maybe summer, school and shizzle, word..you playing vf4 or what playa? i got some tag for you when i see ya again. team twilight zone gonna kill the darkside.
  20. Femto

    Femto Well-Known Member

    So anyone still playing in Tucson or the state of AZ?

    Sorry for the old ass thread bump, but I figure we got one here, no use to make a new one.

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