Uk-Guy takes some damage on TV

Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by dynamic-league, Apr 5, 2002.

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    Was looking forward to the clip, but couldn't find it... Maybe your site is too state of the art for me... Guidance would be appreciated/versus/images/icons/wink.gif


    PS I did find the "How to find Casino" clip, however.
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    total waste of time, dont bother d/l. read what some folks in irc thought about it (actually only one of them saw it just to see if it was any good:

    <SummAh> creed: what's this tv vs vf mov?
    <CreeD> bleah nandato keep away from it
    <SummAh> 50 megs!!!!
    <CreeD> err summah
    <CreeD> it's horrible.
    <nandato> thank you creed! for saving me a waste of time
    <CreeD> it's derrick doing a "video review" of tekken vs. virtua fighter
    <CreeD> and their console versions on PS2
    <CreeD> and he called tekken superior in just about every way.
    <SummAh> haha!@
    <nandato> LOL no fuccking way!!
    <SummAh> derrick praising tekken?
    <CreeD> real unbiased too, showing people who know cute throws and combos in tekken vs. scrub high-kicking akira and PPP lion
    <CreeD> ETP: unless you're curious to see what derrick looks like.
    <nandato> how's the quality?
    <CreeD> sal: ok, but it's less than half game footage and a lot of it is just derrick talking.
    <nandato> wheres uk guy on the clip?
    <nandato> this is what he said: Uk-Guy takes some damage on TV.
    <nandato> Lion vs Kage
    <nandato> "Rise to the challenge - Dynamic League.Com"
    <SummAh> who lion is it?
    <SummAh> derrick's?
    <nandato> wheres THAT movie?
    <SummAh> on the pic!
    <SummAh> the pic of the arcade
    <SummAh> click on it n bingo..start the horrible DL
    <nandato> but creed says its just a review
    <SummAh> oh!
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    sniff... usagi-kun has been removed from the VFDC logo....
    I should have made a screen capture to save...
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    Guess who's gonna be facing my wrath 24-7!
  9. Myke

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    sniff... usagi-kun has been removed from the VFDC logo....

    heh, the condition for removing the bunny had been met -- all ver.c command lists are up! :p
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    err...I haven't seen this. Could someone (CreeD?) type up a little overview...please...

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