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Discussion in 'General' started by dynamic-league, Jan 30, 2002.

  1. dynamic-league

    dynamic-league Well-Known Member

    Today it was confirmed that Dynamic League are the Official Namco Europe promoters for Soul Calibur II in the UK.
    You will be getting a lot more exclusive news, movies and pictures shortly.

    Dynamic League will help you get one of the first Soul Calibur II games into your local arcade.

    Here is the deal:
    You want the game in your local arcade
    You want the game set at the right price
    You want the correct joystick and button configuration
    You want Namco Soul Calibur II support and merchandise

    We need a list of all the arcades in your area that might buy Soul Calibur II
    We need the full contact details of those arcades
    We need a list of all the fighting games they have in those arcades already.

    Send in those arcade details to dynamicleague@cs.com
  2. Adio

    Adio Well-Known Member

    Kudos Derrick! Well done, you may talk a lot of hot air but there is something definitely in your head. This is excellent news!

    Dynamic League is officially Made now.
  3. steve_dynamic

    steve_dynamic Well-Known Member

    Well if this is successful, we'll have another 2 games under our command soon...
  4. Murasame

    Murasame Well-Known Member

    Which 2 other games?
  5. chucky

    chucky Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but this is only for stinking PAL versions right??
  6. steve_dynamic

    steve_dynamic Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, we can not disclose info on the other two titles until further notice. But we will post any news of this kind on our website!

    *PR? PAH!*
  7. steve_dynamic

    steve_dynamic Well-Known Member

    PAL? No... we are not promoting the CONSOLE version of Soul Calibur 2. At the moment, we are to bring the ARCADE version of SC2 to your local arcades but that can't happen without your help.

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