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Ultimate Showdown 1 Year Anniversary Prize Giveaway

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 9, 2022.

By akai on Jun 9, 2022 at 11:48 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    To celebrate the one year anniversary of the release of Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown, VFDC will be giving out the Yakuza or Tekken 7 DLC--pack only or game bundle codes--every day until the end of June!

    The codes only works for North America, Europe & Oceania region. To enter the drawings and if you don't use Twitter, you can post in this thread with the region you are from.

    Every day, we will announced 2 winners, notifying them through the vfdotcom twitter account or through VFDC conversation. Winners will get to pick one of the prize options listed below:
    1. VF5US Game + Tekken 7 DLC Bundle
    2. VF5US Game + Yakuza Series DLC Bundle (limited amount)
    3. Tekken 7 DLC Pack
    4. Yakuza Series DLC Pack (limited amount)
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jun 9, 2022.

    1. Pharmacist
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    2. DK
      I'm entering. Only to win a code and then not use it, just to prevent someone else from using these revolting costumes

      North America btw
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    3. Tha_FeauchA
      North America!!
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    4. ShinyBrentford
      North America
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    5. masterpo
      @akai is the first time that VFDC has celebrated the one year anniversary of a release of a version of Virtua Fighter by giving away DLC. I don't seem to remember a one year anniversary celebration for other versions of VF....:confused:

      Virtua Fighter Ultimate Showdown is certainly setting a lot of precedents:

      • Its the first VF to feature Tekken music
      • Its the first VF to feature a Tekken UI
      • Its the first VF to feature Tekken Skins
      • Its the first VF to feature Tekken style Red, Blue, Yellow Purple Hit Sparks

      Is it the first VF to receive a one year anniversary celebration on VFDC through the offering of free DLC?

      To be fair though it is the first version of VF to have such an awesome online lobby, with rich tournament features, room features, stamps and titles(y)

      VF5US is the first version to be ported to and run in the awesome Dragon Engine

      But as I watch some of the Youtube streams of VF5US it is the first version of VF that was a little difficult for me to recognize as Virtua Fighter. The Tekkenization of VF has been pretty effective. To be clear there are more than a few VFDC members that have no problem with the Tekkenization of VF.:unsure: and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions on this.

      But out of all the firsts that Virtua Fighter Ultimate Showdown is setting, Sadly because of its Tekkenization, VF5US is the first version of VF that I cannot support:(
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    6. akai
      Whenever I was helping out with VFDC, I don't think VFDC was ever provided physical or digital products by SEGA that coincided with the one year anniversary of any game. So yes, first time. SEGA has provided prize support (posters and t-shirts) when I ran the online VF Circuit. I'm quite sure no previous VF games had new DLC content released one year after its release. Nor have there been any previous VF games released with new DLC content half a year after the game was released.
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    7. masterpo
      Well, this appears to be good news of a sort. So this is more support than Sega has ever offered, especially this late after a release. hmm.... Maybe that bodes well for the future:whistle:
    8. MadeManG74
      Dangerously based.
    9. SUGATA
      Guys, I am from Russia, I have American ps account and bought ALL DLCs from release b/c I want support Devs anyway...
      But many my VF comrades don’t have this possibility b/c rus PS Store does not work in Russia for now and no way to add funds on another region PS Store. I am the only one who have all this DLCs among russian community (14+ players).
      I entered to give them this code for free on the next VF russian tournament stream , b/c most of them are not registered here on VFDC.

      Last edited: Jun 11, 2022
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    10. akai

      Day 1 winners, congratulations! If you entered previously and did not win, you are still in the next drawings.

      Thanks to @Mister for help with pics. Anything with comic sans font is of my own doing and he has nothing to do with them :p.
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    11. nou
      Posting to enter for the Tekken DLC. North America.
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    12. akai
      Day 2 winners, congratulations!
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    13. masterpo

      Can you announce which prize the winners are selecting:sneaky:

      Just curious why are Yakuza bundles limited:confused:
    14. ShightFighterReturns
      Let's goooooo VF5US and VFDC!

      I guess I posted and entered? NA lol
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    15. akai
      That is correct, make a post with the region & you have entered the drawings.

      There are many other things I prefer to do then tally the prize choice on VFDC, so I will not.
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    16. beanboy
      VFDC is doing this? Cool!
      And we're one year already? Wow! Time really flies.
      Last edited: Jun 17, 2022
    17. SNAKE BOSS
      Entering NA version. I know even if I win I will not get the code probably. They will give it to someone else but I will try anyway to support VFDC. Good luck everyone.
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    18. sk0111
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    19. masterpo

      btw., you're doing a great job on the site. Thank you for good work you've already done. You always go above beyond. VFDC is fortunate to have you.;)
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