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    If you have no idea what vf.dyndns.org is, you should read below. It's a good resource for VF movies and whatnot.
    Hey everyone, my server has some new settings that will make everyone very sad.
    Maximum number of clients is 12 for now.
    There's also a max upload speed of 35 kbps, which is very close to my max speed anyways (It usually tops out at 40 or 45... yay for DSL).

    I have to do this because my computer, despite being pretty spanky, just isn't spanky enough to handle 20 simultaneous downloads without giving me problems... I run out of buffer space, pages load too slowly, I can't run IRC or FTP progs, etc. So while I research ways to fix this, I'm keeping it at 12. For the sake of politeness, those with download accelerators that are set to take up 8 slots might wanna drop that down to four, but I don't plan on kicking anyone if they wanna be leeches.

    is basically all the crap on my computer available for people to download for free.
    I've got a ton of VF related stuff on there, including:
    -The complete VF Archive, which is all that old VF1, VF2, and VF3 information Mr. Bungle has gathered over the years. There are tons of text files, pics, movies, even pictures of people on this board.
    -The VF History disc, a collection of VF movies packed in with Shenmue 2. See some stuff on the making of VF including costumes that never made the final version.
    -All those TBZone movies. Every one of 'em.
    -All those movies that end up mirrored on www.feixaq.com ... random japanese flicks, bay area VF movies, a couple of UK movies, Myke's Sydney Jam flicks..
    -Other junk.

    Have fun with it. Hopefully I can come up with a way to make it run smoothly even with 20 users. Anyone with experience running an FTP server - please reply if you know a way to fix "out of buffer space" errors (I get these in other programs when the FTP is maxed out, not in the FTP program itself, although there's a lot I can't do when it reaches that point).
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    Another update -

    Okay, back to unlimited users/bandwidth. After much tweaking, I get the most stability with those settings rather than the limited settings. Weird for me, happy for you.
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