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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by adamYUKI, May 9, 2002.

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    Since its been difficult managing all the pms i've been getting, alot of questions can be answered by this general information thread about the NYC VF4 Frolic.

    The format:

    We will be playing best out of 3 matches to stay on the PS2. There will be three setups of VF4 on the PS2 and multiple VF4 hori sticks. Bring your own if you feel more comfortable with it. Also remember to label your joystick and your memory card before you arrive here. This will make it easier to identify your stuff.

    Rules: When you arrive at the NYC frolic you will have to start a brand new clean profile. This way we can track wins/losses and win percentages. You can of course decide not to play with your mem card when you want too. At the end of each day we will write down in an excel spreadsheet your wins losses and win percentage. This way there's no cheating by playing kumite mode to bump up your character when everyones asleep or at home /versus/images/icons/smile.gif

    At the end of each match, let the other person decide if they want to save the replay file. Everyone is encouraged to submit what they consider their best match of the day. Each persons can transfer their best replay at the end of each day onto a single memory card, so at the end of the gathering this memory card can be copied for all of us to watch. Each persons replay of the day will be captured and put onto a DVD format.


    We might have some player interviews, where we'll ask a few simple questions about strategy and win tactics or what VF is like where they are from. This will also be compiled onto the DVD.

    The tournament:

    On Saturday night we will have the tournament. Seeding will be determined by your win percentage at the gathering. The tournament will be single elimination with a losers bracket.


    We've arranged transportation for most but if you have questions about address or telephone numbers pm adamyuki. If you are arriving before 5pm on saturday ask for adams address and phone number. If you are arriving past 5pm on saturday ask for Andy's address and phone number.
    We will try our best to provide detailed instructions to get here.

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