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Discussion in 'Vanessa' started by Grifter, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. Grifter

    Grifter New Member

    I was hoping somebody could give me a little help on the timing of Vanessa's Low Throws. I went through Spotlite's old "Vanessa in General" Post and I saw a few mentions of tossing out a low throw after crumple attacks.
    More Specifically, using the Intrude Hook (hold G, u+P) and then grabbing them with a low throw.
    I've been putting some time in trying to figure out how it goes, but I havnt been able to pull it off, and I figure my timing is just wrong. Do you have to go for the grab while they are on the way down, like right after you connect with the hook, or is there a bit of delay on the input?
    Also, semi related, is it possible to hit your opponent with a low throw from any of Vanessa's crumple attacks? I've noticed that she had quite a few of them and I also saw a few mentions that it is possible. Is it just that I have to work on being quicker on the stick to grab em right as the fall to their knees or am I trying in vein to do something that isnt possible?
  2. gaishou

    gaishou Well-Known Member

    very possible to do with knockdowns (kazure). not sure which ones with vanessa as i have recently picked her up. speed can be a problem. the throw has to be done practically once they start falling and it definitely has to be done with MC (major counter). other than that there are some moves that force your opponent to crouch, which makes them low throwable also. work on the speed bit. i may be wrong, but i know what works for me.
  3. Typhoon

    Typhoon Well-Known Member

    Vane has only a few crumples on MC, but yes they can all be low thrown afterwards. Her two majors are her bb+k+g (doesnt require MC I dont think) and the mentioned (g)u+p (on MC). You can also crumple on p, d/f+p but this one is less likely to hit on MC unless you purposefully whiff the first punch. All will crumple. The problem may be your timing. Go into free training and set the CPU to react counter. You dont time it like you would a d/f+k+g f+p+g throw (executing just as the move hits). You crumple and wait until Vane is back in neutral stance before throwing. If you do it too fast the game will buffer the p+k+g and switch you to Muay Thai (or back to def) after execution. If they hit the ground, your throw was too late.
    Another issue is her two lowthrows themselves. d+p+k+g I reserve strictly for in-close throwing because she grabs where she is with the Punch Rib Crush. It does seem to execute faster but Id have to check frames to be sure. This is the one you want to bust out after the bb+k+g crumple as they drop right in front of you. Her d/f+p+k+g lunges her forward a bit as she grapples, making it more useful for snagging crumples at a distance or nailing opponents after a guarded low sweep that pushes you back a bit. This is the one I use after the (g)u+p as her sidestep and lunge reels her back a few paces after crumple.
    This may be all in my mind, but it works.

    On a related note, Vane also has several force-knee counters, i.e. d/b+p or d/f+p+k. If you're up against human opponents, you can try to lowthrow them after the move connects and forces them briefly to one knee (considered crouching). Dont do this against CPU tho as it is not guaranteed and can be countered with a quick low punch immediately after the hit.
    Try abusing lowthrow on side techroll too... condition your foe to roll by making excessive use of linear knockdowns followed by heavy down attacks. When they realize they can get away from the down by TR, hold back on the heavy down and dash in with a low throw as they roll to the side. Works on the CPU if you work the AI.
  4. cooks94

    cooks94 Well-Known Member

    If you wanna use low throws you ought to use b,b,k+g at full charge. if it hits they crumple (im pretty sure) and if they guard they stagger and are open to low throws in both situations. hope it helps.

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