Vanessa and Muai Thai

Discussion in 'General' started by agios_katastrof, Jun 6, 2002.

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    Well, we've all heard how VF4 is pretty close to actual martial arts forms and whatnot, and as a possible testament to such, that dumb arse Van Damm film, 'Kickboxer' was on TV last night, so I saw bits of it. What I noticed was, just how many of Vanessa's moves were done by the Muai Thai guy (no, not by the lame-o Van Damm). I mean yeah, the knees and side kicks in her MT stance were to be expected, but I also noticed stuff from the DS, like Vanessa's backhand, the reversals, and the high sabaki kick, and the sabaki elbow! Well, the sabaki elbow was a ground attack in the film, but anyway, kinda cool.

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