Vanessa crumple combos (no low throws)

Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by Ferrio, Apr 6, 2002.

  1. Ferrio

    Ferrio New Member

    OK, as of recently I showed my friend how to break out of low throws. Now since Vanessa only has two low throws it's possible for him to buffer both commands so that he can break out 100% of the time.

    Knowing this I tried to actually find some crumple juggles... yet Vanessa seems very limited in that area.

    The only things of interest I found was:


    (crumple) f+p,df+k, (d+k if opponent doesn't tech roll)

    Muay Thai

    Nothing of interest.

    Now this hits my arsenal pretty badly. I'm quite fond of Vanessa's sidestepping body blows (G,u+p/d+p). But now without the low throws, it takes a lot of the bite out of that move, or any move that crumples.

    Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else was any more successful in finding a better combo after a crumple.
  2. satur9

    satur9 New Member

    I've been playing Vanessa for about 2 weeks now and yeah, you are right about the crumple throw being reversed. It takes almost all the fun playing her. Anyway, if you do the sidestepping stomach blow, in Muay Thai Style (MTS) there are many moves that you could link to it since most of the moves are fast (well at least faster than in the other Stance... *sigh*). My personal favourite in MTS after the stomach crumble is d/f+p, k it just looks really cool. Not as much damage as the crumble grab though...
  3. Ealsen

    Ealsen Well-Known Member

    Yea. that df+p, k after the crumble looks really cool. I love to do it after [MTS]f+p+k. Then again I'm not a Van player. So I don't know if there are any more damaging moves than this.

    But You could still do low throws after the crumple. but just don't use it too often. Use non followup throws combo and once in a while throw in low throw /versus/images/icons/smile.gif High chance that opponent doesn't expect you to do low throws /versus/images/icons/smile.gif
  4. ghostdog

    ghostdog Well-Known Member

    Here are a few combo followups after Vanessa's G, d+P:

    From defensive stance:
    -G, u+P-> f+P, K, K:works in closed stance, and only with G, u+P, as far as I know; 76 damage pts

    -G, u+P-> f+P, df+K:works in open stance; 63 damage pts

    -G, d+P-> f+P, df+K:works in open stance; 63 damage pts

    -G, d(or u)+P-> dodge attack(d (or u), P+K+G); 55 damage pts

    From Muay Thai stance:
    -G, d+P-> f+P, P, K: works on heavyweights only as far as I know, both open and closed stance; 64 damage pts

    -G, d+P-> f, f+K, d+K: works in both open and closed stance; 60 damage pts

    -G, d+P-> f+K: works in both open and closed stance; 50 damage pts

    The last option is interesting because it leaves the opponent in a face down, head towards downed position. That means if the opponent techrolls, hitting him/her with a mid kick or other mid attack will lead to a back stagger. I've been experimenting with this, and so far I've come up with db+K+G and f, f+K as decent followups, at about 53-58 damage pts. Add that to the amount of damage you get from G, d+P-> f+K combo, and that's over 100 pts.

    Anyway, it's something I've been working on lately, because the back stagger condition is almost guaranteed damage. Any feedback from anyone (esp. you Vanessa players) would be greatly appreciated.
  5. sayow

    sayow Well-Known Member

    <font color=yellow>Thanks </font color=yellow><font color=white>-Ghost</font color=white><font color=yellow>DOG! I've been running a counter game with the same tactics but the f+Ps, etc. will beef up my arsenal considerably. I've usually only gone for the standard u+P and df+K Okizeme. You really ought to post this on the Vanessa General thread. Cuz if you don't, I will!

    You just taught a man how to fish. Peace...</font color=yellow>
  6. sayow

    sayow Well-Known Member

    Vanessa's Guard/Intercept Combos Part 2

    <font color=white>Ghost</font color=white><font color=yellow>DOG's findings in Vanessa's Guard/Intercept series (i.e. G,u+P ; G,d+P) are an interesting turtle's approach to openers especially if you know that your opponent is likely to blitz with a series of punches and kicks. When applied successfully, Vanessa's Guard/Intercept series will reap Major Counters (MC) and Stomach Crumbles and will reward anything else you may want to tag on, i.e. d+P, d+K, df+K, u+P, etc. You can even get some bounce combos in! It can yield from 40-60 damage points prior to Ground Attacks (u+P, df+K). And it can be run all over again.

    The Flipside: This tactic is best run by more experienced players who are familiar other character's pokes and strings. A constant vigil needs to be kept for throws that lurk nearby... This is one big reason why I run this scheme out of a crouch: to avoid the high throw. Still, Vanessa is going to be vulnerable to low throws and veterans will see that. Jeffry's come out at an 8 frame/60-80 damage rate... ouch... VF nutjobs will also detect that you're running this scheme if you go to your Guard too soon. In tandem, if you've been selling your opponent on your prowess in administering her Guard/Intercept package, you can actually run a Bait and Switch mini-game by going to the Guard early and busting out with a throw of your own as your opponent approaches. It will definitely keep them guessing and keep the advantage out of their hands.

    I’ve been working out some combos for the Guard/Intercept series. My test subjects were Kage, Pai and Jeffry. The data is still pretty unrefined and I can’t say that everything will work on Heavyweights just yet. </font color=yellow><font color=white>Ghost</font color=white><font color=yellow>DOG is still teaching me about closed and open stances/positioning. I’m not up to speed on it yet… so much to learn, so little time… So I’ll probably need some help to fill in the blanks to regarding open/closed stances on these. Here’s some of the combos I have so far:

    <font color=orange>Gd+P/Gu+P Combos (DS)

    f+P = 42 damage

    d+P = 37 damage (38 damage on MC?)
    d+P -> d+P = 42 damage (44 damage on MC)
    d+P -> d+K = 45 damage
    d+P -> d+K -> d+K = 51 damage

    df+P = 43 damage
    df+PP = 48 damage
    df+PPK = 54 damage
    df+PP -> d+K = 52 damage
    (hope the notation is correct)

    d+K = 43 damage
    d+K -> d+K = 51 damage
    d+K -> d+K -> d+K = 57 damage

    d+K -> K = 53 damage

    df+K = 48 damage
    df+K -> d+K = 56 damage
    df+K -> d+K -> d+K = 62 damage

    d,K = 36 damage (40 damage on MC)
    d,KK = 55 damage
    d,K -> d+K = 48 damage (54 damage on MC)
    d,K -> d+K -> d+K = 52 damage (62 damage on MC)

    d+K+G =42 (49 damage on MC)

    Gd+P/Gu+P Combos (MTS)

    d+K = 46 damage
    d+K -> d+K = 56 damage

    f,f+K = 40 damage

    d+K+G =42 (49 damage on MC)</font color=orange>

    <font color=yellow>I’m sure there are more. Add in the Ground game (u+P or df+K) for 25 and 13 additional damage points respectively and you have the makings of a nice little piece of havoc and mayhem. There are wall combos using Vanessa’s Guard/Intercept series, too. Still working on that as well…

    Hope it this helps. There’s more cool stuff on Vanessa at the <a target="_blank" href=> Vanessa in general</a> thread to take in. Check it out!</font color=yellow>

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