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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by alantan, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    MT stance: p+k,p,k. All three hits will connect if the first connect as a MC (I think) Very useful for okizemi as it does good damage and you ends up with initaitive. Even when blocked it is uncounterable but I think Vanessa is at a slight disadvantage. Some Japanese board seems to say that initiative is 50-50 even when blocked but it doesn't seem that way. I know for sure a Vanessa elbow will lose to Lion's d/f+p after the knee is blocked.

    MT d+p, pretty good move. Sabaki low moves and dodges quite a number of high moves, like Kage's b+p. Thus it is very hard to be interrupted. But I do not know who has the initaitive after a normal or MC hit. It seems to be Vanessa recovers fairly slowly after that move. But you can always do another d+p.

    unverified stuff from Japanese board
    1) after a blocked sidekick or 2_5+p Vanessa 3P can win opponents elbow. Wow. That sounds pretty good.
  2. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    Hey Alan, I've noticed you've been dropping little gems of information on Vanessa now and again, and just wanted to thank you for sharing it here. I've been thinking about putting together a Vanessa guide, would you be keen to help out? PM me for details.

    I don't think I've used MT stance half as much as you have so I can't comment much on the MT P+KPK except to say that I find the P+K to be a little slow for my liking (read: I don't use it that much). BTW, the combo is the same as DS P+KP (i.e. there's no ending K) for which I haven't found much use for either. Even when I hit with it, I'm still working out what to do next since it doesn't knock down. Like you said, when blocked it feels like she's at a slight disadvantage, but I'll try playing around with it more and see if there are other redeeming qualities about this combo.

    Her low punch sabaki (DS db+P or MT d+P) is quite effective too. When I connect with it I usually opt for a throw (lots of people like to guard after their low punch is sabaki'd) or fast mid or low attack, just depends on the type of opponent. Doing two sabakis in a row can be suprisingly effective too.

    Something I've discovered a while back was how effective her K+G is in eating high rising kicks. Try it out.
  3. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    K+G in eating HIGH rising attacks?? R U sure?? I though that move dodges low attacks... mmm...

    The P+K for both MT and DS is slow and thus only applicable in situations where you have LOADS of initiative like okizemi or blocking a throw counterable move, etc. For DS, according to the black book, her P+K,P (DS) gives Vanessa initiative even when blocks so a low P is a good idea as it will interrupt a LOT of moves, just like a blocked d+k,p,p. However, in MT her P+K,P although visually similar DO not give Vanessa initiative when blocked.
  4. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    K+G in eating HIGH rising attacks?? R U sure?? I though that move dodges low attacks... mmm...

    Positive. Many characters have a type of attack that will beat out a high rising attack. I accidently found it by anticipating a low rising kick, but my opponent did a high instead and I was suprised to find that Vanessa wins cleanly in this exchange.

    You can also use it to jump over downed opponents, but Vanessa is'nt exactly a power house with her back turned.

    Also, since it's a guard break attack, it can be quite effective to use as the opponent is just rising (normal, QR or TR) since many jumping attacks hit mid (but this one doesn't), so their reactive high guard will be broken.
  5. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    went to experiment on the dodging punch followups of Vanessa. want to write to write it down b4 I forgets.

    I will call the dodge towards her back punch IB and the dodge towards her chest punch IF.

    Things I found, for defensive mode
    f+p,d/f+k looks confirmed for all. okay damage (more than pounce) can okizemi.
    f+p,k,k looks confirmed for for IF close stance against all characters. Very good damage. saw this in one of the movies when the Vanessa dodge up which was kind of weird as most people dodge down so I suspect you have to dodge depending oo how Vanessa is standing. You can tell if the combo will hit after the elbow as the opponent floats differently. For other situations, after an elbow, the opponent will float FACE DOWN HEAD TOWARDS but fot IF close stance the opponent will float face up.

    For MT stance,
    f,f+k,d+k will connect against all. Safe but does little damage maybe more than a pounce but around there.

    f,f+k,d+k,k will connect against at least up to Kage weight, in IB open stance.

    f+p,p,k will connect aginats Jeffery in quite a number of situations. Looks like confirmed. Will miss against Lion, Lei, Pai, Kage, Vanessa. I think it is Jeffery's height which allows the combo to hit. Maybe will work against Wolf too.
  6. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    new stuff I tested out.

    b,f+k,p. Vanessa's sabaki. When you blocked the K, you HAVE to block the p. you cannot crouch under the p or interrupt it. Which is good for Vanessa as this move leave Vanessa with initiative even when blocked.

    LP MC throw not guaranteed.

    p+k,p,k. Confirmed that even when blocked, it is 50-50 initiative. Kind of funny huh as it looked like any other knee but recovers faster.
    p+k,p recovers slower in MS than in DS. Confirmed that opponent has initiative when blocked unlike in DS.

    IB (open stance), f,f+k,d+k,k looks guaranteed (most of the time) for all weights but for heavy, maybe f+p,p,k is better.

    IB and IF (dodge punch) is THROW counterable.

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