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Discussion in 'Junky's Jungle' started by alantan, Dec 26, 2001.

  1. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    have any of you tried the vanessa's (MT) k,k,p,p move?? The black book says it is mid,high,mid,high. Is it True?? Itried against the CPU I really think the first P hits high. Anyway it is a very good move. If the first knee hits a crouching opponent EVERYTHING will hit including a pounce. But you cannot do this move after blocking a low move as you will get the irisng kick. Dunno if I can buffer a forward dash and get the knee, might be too slow to punish most sweeps though.

    Anyway if the first knee hits standing opponent, the opponent will bend down and the second kick will miss if you do not delay it. I am not sure if you can time the second kick so nicely that it is a true combo. Tried against the CPU looks possible. Have anyone tried this?

    Oh and does the second kick interrupts low P?? read it somewhere in a Japanese board that it may. All in all very good move as you have advantage if the last p is blocked.

    some Lei stuff. After a u/f+k+g hit, I think a d+p,f,f+k is better against light characters than the normal d+p,u/f+k+g. And I observed tha moves have lower damage when connected close to the ground. The f,f+k does pretty different damage against people of different weights.
  2. ice-9

    ice-9 Well-Known Member

    Hey Alan, regarding the K,K,P,P -- I bet it's a typo and that the first P hits high. If you check out the movelist in the back (the condensed one), it has the first P as high. Makes sense, otherwise the move is just too good!!
  3. Iron Lung

    Iron Lung New Member

    As I've used it, this is how it looks to hit.
    It sounds better than it is.
    The range on the first shot is too damn short. It's too easy to be pushed back out. The following kick isn't a genuine combo, just a string. Yeah, if the first scores a MC, you get the whole deal. And that's substantial damage.

    Delay the second kick?
    Haven't noticed anything that suggests that'll be better.

    'Course I am green VF'er, so who knows....
  4. marcel

    marcel Well-Known Member

    My friend said the same thing, not a cool combo, a lame string, I don't know but most combos sound better than they are.
  5. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    ??? on MC/normal hit (opponent standing) the opponent will just bend over for a short while and the second HIGH kick WILL whiff if you do not delay.. IT is only on crouchers where the first k will stagger and then the second k and pp will connect.

    Are we talking about the same move.

    I did not check the move list at the back but I suspect that it is high too. So you people should start to crouch after the KNEE :) The last high P will INTERRUPT low attacks like d+p which is very interesting. (black book say so)
  6. Iron Lung

    Iron Lung New Member

    Sounds like you've got it right.
    I'd swear that the second kick is to the upper torso, and not high enough to be a genuine High shot.
    However....yeah. I did have a hard time getting the whole string to connect, even with MC.
    Thanks for the clarification.

    Alright, so from Vanessa's angle, if the first attack misses she can still smash them provided their counterattack comes just late enough to eat the last punch.
    So if they just sit there, the last punch just parts their hair.
    Sounds like a dubiously useful string....
    Would using a technique that forces her opponent into a crouch, like her K+G, make a clean enough setup to maul them with this Mut Thai KKPP string?
  7. alantan

    alantan Well-Known Member

    Tried the k,delay,k,p,p. Works very well. I think everyone should put a delay there. If the first knee is blocked, the second kick is pretty fast and even after a delay you can interrupt a LOT of moves, even low P (??). If the first knee staggers, even after a delay you can connect the second kick (I think). If the first knee hits/MC, you must delay the second kick else it will miss completely.

    After watching the most recent Vanessa movie from Daioh, I realised (MT) p+k,p,k is a VERY good move. It is not a true combo on normal hit but somehow during matches all the three strings seem to connect quite often. Does anyone know the exact condition for the second p to connect after the p+k? Must the p+k hits as MC or hit crouchers. Anyway still the three strings connects pretty often (vs tech rollers) and gives GOOD damage PLUS huge initiative.

    Another thing about the movie is that the Vanessa uses a LOT of b,f+k,k (MT). and followed up with a f+p+k immediately after the second kick connects. The f+p+k looks to be confirmed under certain conditions. I tried yesterday on a normal hit and it is not confirmed. Must try today on MC or crouchers which is more realistic.

    All in all, MT Vanessa looks very strong.
    Oh have anyone figured out why after a g,f+p (MC), the f+p,p,k sometimes hits and sometimes misses. Am I slow or what? If it is confirmed, it is a very good move to use.

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