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Discussion in 'Quest, Kumite and Items' started by cooks94, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. cooks94

    cooks94 Well-Known Member

    I play Vannesa and want to get her "Dunce" Items i lost 20 fights in a row to try to get her horse head and still dont have it. Whats up with that?!

    Also i want to get the hockymask for her. I heard that you have to get hit 15 times straight in each match. I did that but still dont have it.

    How do you get her losing items?
  2. i got the hockey mask
    im not exactly sure what the specifications are, but try this and im pretty sure it should work:

    go to options and change match count to 1, time to 60, and damage to 400. then go into versus mode, have vanessa as player 1 and someone else as player 2. make sure both players are of a fairly high level, at least mid-dan, i did it with champion+ level, so im not positive of the exact minimum level. anyways, i chose to use my high level lau, and repeatedly did low kick-low kick (since she automatically parries all high/mid punches, I figure low punches might work, but i never tried them) to vanessa till i ko'd her. do it a couple matches just to be sure, then quit to character select after saving your vanessa. pick her from your memory card again, if she isnt wearing the mask by then there's nothing else i can do to help.

    i think the biggest thing might be losing to someone of a higher ranking, im not sure though
  3. 1018311

    1018311 Active Member

    you have to be at least 2nd dan to get alot of the items for any character that might be the problem. if not then i have no clue cause i got both the horse head from losing 10 times. and since my little siter plays with pai and she hits me all the time im constantly getting the hockey mask put on my beautiful vanessas face.

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