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VF 2021 Events Digest #2

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 14, 2021.

By akai on Jul 14, 2021 at 2:24 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Offline events? Team-based competition? A kumite where the player uses all the characters? This past week had a little bit of everything! Events with results and/or videos that occurred during July 7 - July 11, 2021 are listed in chronological order.

    Note: The purpose of the Events Digest is to have a weekly / biweekly summary of past events. To see upcoming events check the sidebar. If there is an event not listed, errors in this post, or you can provide additional information to these and future events, please do so! Post will be updated with new information when available.

    J-Cup #5 - July 7 - Online Japan | Weekly, One Match, Single Elimination
    1st Place - saraco fago (Lau)
    2nd Place - G-KUJO (Jean)
    Semifinalists - tutumotaseMakoto (Jean) and Chibita (Lion)
    First 50 minutes of the Video

    Next Level Battle Circuit Online Edition - July 8 - Online USA | Biweekly, Double Elimination | In a span of just 4 days, Crazydrunk wins the first out of three online tournaments!​
    1st Place - Crazydrunk (banok)(Shun)​
    2nd Place - BlackBeltSpartan (Lau, Wolf)
    3rd Place - adamYUKI (Jeffry)
    Challonge Bracket
    Twitch Archived Stream

    Dengeki Championship Qualifier #4 - July 9 - Online Japan | Before the tournament, Shiwa participated in an amusing All Character Kumite. He randomly picks each of the characters coming out of the exhibition with 17 wins and 2 losses! His losses was with Eileen and Lion. In the second half of the show, the Magmalord (Bakuenshin) Chopper defeated the highest ranked player, Hatto-sama (psn: kothiyasanae) to win the qualifier.

    1st Place - Chopper (Lion)
    2nd Place - Hatto-sama (kothiyasanae) (Taka)
    Seminfinalists - Kaesaru (Jacky) and Monkichi (monteru) (Vanessa)
    Mildom Archived Stream

    Side Note: Hatto-sama is the first player to be promoted to not just one, but two ranks above level 44 Skylord (Japanese, 天翔神 Tenshoushin). He has achieved level 45 Dreadlord (幻冥神 Genmeishin) as seen in the tournament and also level 46 Novalord (超煌神 Choukoushin (?)).

    VF5FS Railway Series 2019-2021 Season Round.24 - July 9 - Offline - Tokyo, Japan | 3on3 VFR tournament series - Youtube Archived Stream
    Winning Team: Tetsuko's Room - (Left to Right) Homestay Akira (AK), Tetsuko Yamada (Erufaba) (SH), Tonkatsu (JA) (Source of Image: Newton Ooyama Twitter)

    Same Character 4vs4 Sarah vs Lau vs Kage Team Battle - July 9 - Online Japan | Waseda format.

    1st Place Kage Team - Jin, Kyasao, Takezoo, Sajio | Kage Side POV of the Team Battle
    2nd Place Sarah Team - YOU, Puyo, FP, Julietta | Sarah Side POV of the Team Battle
    3rd Place Lau Team - Hige Lau, Gorugonzoora, Hama Lau, Kongoushin | Lau Side POV of the Team Battle

    Legends Kumite #6 - July 10 - Online Japan | Featuring Jean player Barugo. Note: Originally the 6th Legends Kumite was to feature the Lau player Wasakon, but was postponed due to health issues.
    Youtube Archived Stream
    Legends Kumite Compiled List

    Austinite FIghts July 2021 - July 10 Offline - Austin, Texas, USA | Organized by Arcade Tournament Experience Esports in central Texas. Slowly but surely, more offline events in the USA are happening!
    (Left to Right) JDTR, Limy, and bluprint4 (Source of Info/Image: Limy Twitter Account)

    1st Place - Limy (Lei)
    2nd Place - Bluprint4 (Sarah)
    3rd Place - JDTR (Jean)

    Battle Arena NightClub - July 11 Offline - Melbourne, Australia | Couch Warriors BANC event.
    (Left to Right) BerzerkDC, GDFer, and Darcy (Source of Info/Image: Couch Warriors Twitter Account)

    1st Place - GDFer
    2nd Place - BerzerkDC
    3rd Place - Darcy

    Downtown Beatdown Online July 2021 - July 11 Online USA | Organized by Central Illinois Fighting Game Community (CIFGC).

    1st Place: Crazydrunk (Banok) (Shun, Lei)
    2nd Place: Blackstar (Sarah)
    3rd Place: H0oDLeSs (Brad)
    Twitch Archived Stream

    GVN Biweekly VF Takeover #32 - July 11 Online USA | Virtua Kuzama
    1st Place: Crazydrunk (Banok) (Shun, Lei)
    2nd Place: Blackalert111 (Sarah)
    3rd Place: Phoxx (Blaze)
    Twitch Archived Stream

    Shiteihai - バーチャ師弟杯 (Virtua Master-Pupil Cup) July 11 Online Japan | An interesting event in which students of veteran VFers in Japan compete against each other!

    1st Place: Fuji no Hana (JA) pupil of RunneR
    2nd Place: BELL (KA) pupil of Jin
    3rd Place: Heddo Hakase (Doctor Head)(SA) pupil of Dabi
    4th Place: Ippu (BR) pupil of Shinsha

    Twitch Archived Stream
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Jul 14, 2021.

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