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VF 2021 Events Digest #5

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Aug 6, 2021.

By akai on Aug 6, 2021 at 7:56 AM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Summary and results of events that occurred between July 27 and August 5. I will try to find a more efficient way of summarizing events as this got posted much later than I had hoped!

    Note: The purpose of the Events Digest is to have a semi-regular summary of past events. To see upcoming events and to inform others of your events please check the Event section on VFDC. If there is an event not listed, errors in this post, or you can provide additional information to these and future events, please do so! I will try to update with new information when available.

    DreamHack Beyond - July 27 | Online USA | GentlemenThief convincingly defeated all his opponents, losing only one game to Blackstar.
    1st - GentlemenThief (JN)
    2nd - Denkai (JA, SH)
    3rd - Rodnutz (AK, PA)
    4th - Chief Flash (WO)

    Twitch Archive

    J-Cup #8 - July 28 | Online Japan | Single Match, 2 rounds, 30 seconds each. A second tournament for beginners and intermediates afterwards.

    1st Place - Jin (KA)
    2nd Place - Shin_SSM (LE)
    Semifinalists - Aki and Saracofago

    Youtube Archive

    Dengeki Virtua Road - July 30 | Online Japan | First portion of the show was two tournaments to recruit two players for the upcoming Dengeki Virtua Road vs Tetsuko's Room 5on5 event this Friday, August 6. The second portion is the Dengeki Championship Qualifier #7

    Dengeki Virtua Road Member Selection Tournaments - Puuta (Jean) won the first tournament and Hiragana de Aoki (Jacky) won the second tournament.

    Dengeki Championship Qualifier #7 - Puuta wins.​

    Mildom Archive

    Tetsuko's Room Member Selection Tournament #1 - July 30 | Online Japan | This is to determine the 4th member for Tetsuko's Room team in the Dengeki Virtua Road versus Tetsuko's Room 5on5 event. Neppa (Jacky) wins.

    Youtube Archive

    Lei vs Vanessa vs Sarah 4on4 Tournament - July 30 | Online Japan | Waseda style tournament.
    1st Place - Lei Team - Zonchan, Kubinashi Rider, Chabouzu, Zettoman - Lei SIde POV
    2nd Place - Sarah Team - YOU / Puyo / FP / Julietta - Sarah Side POV
    3rd Place - Vanessa - Shark, Mirai, Kiriko, Kyou-chan - Vanessa Side POV

    Legends Kumite #9 - July 31 | Online Japan | Yonezawa, Sega Game Planner for VF5 to VF5FS used Akira and Seiji Aoki used Shun. Appears to suggest there will be a season 2 of the Legends Kumite (Tip: Chief Gutti).

    Youtube Archive

    Tetsuko's Room Member Selection Tournament #2 - July 31 | Online Japan | Tournament for the last member to join Tetsuko's Room Team . Stream Through Jin's channel, the tournament second helper for the 5vs5 between Dengeki Virtua Road and Tetsuko's Room channel. Paudaa (Blaze) wins.

    Youtube Stream

    VF5 at Arcade UFO #3 - July 31 | Austin, Texas, USA - Local Offline Round Robins
    1st Place - Gambini (Taka)
    2nd Place - MKTank (Kage)
    3rd Place - Wrekka (Goh)

    Challonge Bracket
    Youtube Archive

    Pride Match #3: Kentaro vs Megajene - August 1 | Online Japan | Haato-Sama (kothiyasanae) continues his Pride Match First to 10 series from console VF5FS to console VFes!

    Kentaro (Eileen) 10 - Megajene (Pai) 4
    Youtube Archive

    Sunday Showdown #3 - August 1 | Online USA |
    First to 3
    destroyermaker (Lei) 3 vs Jack Frost (Jeffry) 0
    grumace (Shun) 3 vs Creaky Axe (Jeffry) 2

    First to 5
    BlackAlert (Sarah) 5 vs domaug (Lion) 2
    Hima Jean (Jean) 5 vs adamYuki (Jeffry) 2

    First to 10
    Tricky (Eileen) 10 vs BBounty Hunter (Aoi) 6

    Twitch Archive

    J-Cup #9 - August 4 | Online Japan | Single Match, 2 rounds, 30 seconds each. A second tournament for beginners and intermediates afterwards.

    1st Place - Kubinashi Rider (LE)
    2nd Place - Sunaou (KA)
    Semifinalists - Silver Spark and Jin

    Youtube Stream

    Next Level Battle Circuit Online #6 - August 5 | Online USA
    1st Place - IcKY (Wolf)
    2nd Place - daRockReaper (Blaze)
    3rd Place - AdmiringMyHarley (Blaze)

    Challonge Bracket
    Twitch Video
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Aug 6, 2021.

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