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VF 2021 Events Digest #6

Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Aug 26, 2021.

By akai on Aug 26, 2021 at 6:00 PM
  1. akai

    akai Moderator Staff Member Bronze Supporter

    Akai JC
    Many of the events, but not all (apologies!) that occurred from August 6 to August 23. It is not listed in chronological order this time though.

    Note: The purpose of the Events Digest is to have a semi-regular summary of past events. To see upcoming events and to inform others of your events please check the Event section on VFDC. If there is an event not listed, errors in this post, or you can provide additional information to these and future events, please do so! I will try to update with new information when available.

    Dengeki Virtua Road - Online Japan | Weekly Friday |
    • Dengeki versus Tetsuko's Room - August 6 - Two of Japan's more popular streamers played in multiple Team battles against each other. Both teams recruited two more members through competition prior to the event. Tetsuko's Room came out on top. Mildom Archive
      • Dengeki Virtua Road Team - Kurita (TA), Yami Yodare (JA), Shiwa (PA), Puuta (JN), and Hirogana de Aoki (JA)
      • Tetsuko's Room Team - Tetsuko (SH), Homestay (AK), Jin (KA), Neppa (JA), and Paudaa (BL)
    • Kurita vs Shiro / Dengeki Championship Qualifier #7 - August 13 - Mildom Archive
      • 1st Half - Kurita (TA) vs Shiro (JA) First to 10 Exhibition - Winner of an official Sega VF3 tournament versus winner of an official Sega VF5US tournament. Shiro won 10 to 1.
      • 2nd Half - The 7th Qualifier was won by kaesaru (JA)
    • Style Cube vs Dengeki / Dengeki Championship Qualifier #8 - August 20 - Mildom Archive
      • 1st Half - Team Style Cube: Commentator Sexy Saito (AK), voice actor Rina Tsukishiro (SA), and cosplayer Miiko (JA) versus Team Dengeki: Kurita (TA), Yami Yodare (JA), and staff member Itora (LA). A lot of the game parameters and "rules" were implemented as a handicap for Team Dengeki.
      • 2nd Half - The 8th Qualifier was won by curosu (AO). The 8 players will compete this Friday with the winner getting a unique title.

    Same Character 4on4 Team Tournaments - Online Japan | Waseda tournament organized by Julietta.
    • Sarah vs Lion vs Jeffry Team Tournament - August 6
    • Sarah vs Pai vs Blaze Team Tournament - August 14
    • Sarah vs Eileen vs Shun Team Tournament - August 20
    Virtua Fighter Ultimate League #2 - August 7 | Online Japan | The VUL to determine the "SSS Class" of players. This is a 40-battle matchup between two Magmalords, Yatsuki (JA) and Yogo (KA). Yatsuki wins with 21 victories over Yogo's 19. Expect many more high level fights in the future. Youtube Archive

    Biweekly #34: VF Takeover- August 8 | Online North America - Bracket / Twitch Archive
    1st Place: Crazydrunk (SH)
    2nd Place: domaug (LI)
    3rd Place: Vfnumbers (LE)
    The Pride - August 14 | Online Japan | Similar to the Sunday Showdown exhibition matches, Jin starts his series with some high profile players. Youtube Archive
    • Opening Match - Shiteihai Revenge: Haji no Funa (JA) vs BELL (KA) | BELL lost to Haji no Funa in the Shiteihai tournament. BELL got his revenge winning 10-7.
    • Main Match - The Strongest vs The Strongest: Haato-sama (TA) vs Tonkatsu (JA) | "Strongest in the Consoles," Haato-sama convincingly beats the "Strongest in the Arcades" Tonkatsu 10-2. It will be interesting if they will have a revenge match in October when both players should be present for the offline Challenge Cup Finals!

    Ishin Kiwamuto 一神究闘 (One God Struggle) | August 15 | Online Japan | Many strong players participated in this tournament. Homestay was put into Losers Bracket by Julietta, but was able to struggle :p through to get back into Winners and won the event. Tonamel Bracket | Twitch Archive
    1st Place: Homestay Akira (AK)
    2nd Place: Jannu (JA)
    3rd Place: Julietta (SA)​

    Sunday Showdown - August 15 | Online North America - Exhibition opened to all skill levels | Tricky streak of 3 wins in Sunday Showdown's First to 10 was ended by GentlemanThief. Sunday Showdown Twitter Account - Twitch Archive
    • First to 3 - DF | Jackal (LE) 3-0 WingedRegent (GO)
    • First to 3 - CreakyAxe (JE) 3-2 vs Gruff (BL)
    • First to 5 - Harley (VA) 5-2 StayRealCHill (BR)
    • First to 10 - GentlemanThief (JN) 10-7 Tricky (EI)
    Next Level Battle Circuit Online #7 - August 19 | Online North America - Bracket / Twitch Archive
    1st Place: Harley (VA)
    2nd Place: Shidosha (JN)
    3rd Place: flawlessvelvet (JN)
    Flash Sword Kick Contest -居合蹴り August 21 | How many of Jacky's [6_][K][G] can you execute within one round? Well, javacurry was able to do 74 Flash Sword Kicks within 45 seconds to win this interesting contest! Youtube Archive

    Challenge Cup Qualifiers - August 22 | Online Japan | 175 players divided into 12 double elimination qualifiers. Winners of each qualifier will compete with 4 more contestants (TBD in September) in the October offline finals. Youtube Archive - Brackets and Time Stamps to each of the Grand Finals in the Youtube description.
    Picture from VF Official Twitter Account
    • Group 1 - Tonkatsu (JA) 2 vs Jin (KA) 0 - Tonkatsu wins 2-0
    • Group 2 - Nidaime Furaibo (JA) vs Haato-sama (TA) - Haato reset 2-0 and wins 2-0
    • Group 3 - Yogo (KA) vs Drum's Ko (AK) - Yogo wins 2-0
    • Group 4 - Shark (VA) vs Kiriko (VA) - Shark wins 2-1
    • Group 5 - Gorugonzoora (LA) vs bizkid (PA) - bizkid reset 2-0, Gorugonzoora wins 2-0
    • Group 6 - Barugo no Jean (JN) vs ChinpanJ (JA) - Barugo wins 2-0
    • Group 7 - Umecchi (EI) vs Kyou-Chan (SA) - Umecchi wins 2-0
    • Group 8 - Fernandio (SA) vs Raion (JA) - Raion resets 2-0 and wins 2-0
    • Group 9 - Jannu (JA) vs Osage (BR) - Jannu wins 2-1
    • Group 10 - Zonchan (LE) 1 vs Pometarou (Itsuro, JE) - Pometarou reset 2-1 and wins 2-0
    • Group 11 - You (SA) vs Buruha (SH) - Buruha reset 2-1 and wins 2-1
    • Group 12 - Koufumegane (AO) vs Itabashi Zangief (SH) - Koufumegane wins 2-0

    Biweekly #35 GVN - August 22 | Online North America - Bracket / Twitch Archive
    1st Place: Chief Flash (WO)
    2nd Place: Harley (VA)
    3rd Place: CreakyAxe (JE)​

    Choya Cup #6 - August 23 | Online North America | Twitch Archive | Reminds me of waiting in line at the Arcades, winner stays on. Enter the room and whoever gets 25 wins first is declared the winner! Crazydrunk (Banok) took the prize. At times, there will be Baby Choya for beginner players. Be warned, this is a friendly group but language not suitable for children at times! :eek: Interested in these type of events you can follow Ifixmachine Twitter Account.

    Offline Events -
    Z-Axis August 2021 - August 7 | Tempe, Arizona, USA - Smash.GG Bracket
    1st Place - Juicebox
    2nd Place - Dragon Ninja
    3rd Place - Slayerrcks​

    VF5FS Railway Series Round.25 - August 13, 2021 | Tokyo, Japan | 3on3 Team Event. Youtube Archive
    Team Maruun - Tokyo Jacky (JA), Densetsu Esupi (JN), Maruun (JA) - wins.
    Image and Information from Newton Ooyama Twitter

    Arcade UFO - August 14 | Austin, Texas, USA - Challonge Bracket
    1st Place - Israel
    2nd Place - Gambini​

    Akihabara Arcade Monthly - August 21, 2021 | Westminster, Colorado, USA - Challonge Bracket
    1st Place - White Worm
    2nd Place - JunoSynth
    3rd Place - KrsJin​
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Discussion in 'News' started by akai, Aug 26, 2021.

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