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VF 4 final post: Props where props are due!

Discussion in 'General' started by StoneColdSerb, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. StoneColdSerb

    StoneColdSerb Well-Known Member

    Having been absent for a while due to a variety of reasons and with VF5 just around the corner I wanted to thank a few people on this board who have made 4 Evo so enjoyable for me and have, in effect given me another hobby.

    This being my final VF4 props go to

    Creed (who I hope will be back for VF5)
    Srider (Top notch info and all the hard work in general)
    Myke (see above, and special props for the Brad info)
    Maddy (great info and discussions)
    KiwE (Brad info)
    akiralove (the amazing BT dvd)
    LM Akira (stick info, and info on Tekken and other fighting games)

    I hope to one day meet you all and play some real life VF against you.

    Release day VF5... here I come!

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