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Discussion in 'Local Scene' started by jerichompm, Oct 19, 2015.

  1. jerichompm

    jerichompm Well-Known Member

    Hi whats the current state of uk / London players? is anyone hosting gatherings on a reg basis, I would like to host stuff myself but i wanna see and know what current people are doing 1st thank you...
  2. Shoju

    Shoju Well-Known Member

    Hello Jericho how it's going?
    There was at the HOG for a while but I don't know if those are still on or not. I haven't really played for a long time.
  3. jerichompm

    jerichompm Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply Shoju i might just move on from VF seems like nobody uk wise is doing anything
  4. Uncle_Kitchener

    Uncle_Kitchener Well-Known Member

    I do weeklies for DOA but if there's interest in VF, then there can be Nother setup for that on a weekly basis.
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  5. MDog

    MDog Well-Known Member

    Hearing that a VF5FS side tournament went on at Revo this past weekend - was anyone from here involved?
  6. SCC|DinoBoy

    SCC|DinoBoy New Member

    I'm based in Sheffield
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