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Discussion in 'The Vault' started by Guest, Oct 28, 1999.

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    I'll be in Taipei for a few weeks in January. Does anyone (Mike?) know if there's still a VF scene there? Any arcade reconmendations?

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    Re: Taipei=no arcade

    I'm afraid that you may have difficulty locating an arcade in Taipei. This new mayor enforced the new ordinance, which practically banned all the local arcades in the city of Taipei.

    So...when I was there two summers ago, there was absolutely no arcade in the city. People told me that there are some in the suburb, but they were out of reach.

    I remember that I was utterly disappointed with the lack of VF scene, as I was eager to show my Japanese power *grin* Well, the night market and the vendor foods made up more than enough though.
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    Though i haven't been back to Taiwan for quite a while, my friend told me VF is still pretty much alive and kicking in Taiwan. (The hottest one during summer is of course KoF99)

    As for locations, there are Arcades in Taipei, just that you need to ask people who knows the location. They aren't spread all over the place anymore (cuz the reason Shota mentioned), but you can still find them (the certified ones) in urban Taipei. Though i am not quite sure if it is still there, i used to frequent Xi (West) Men (Door) Ding (machi, uh.. street?) block, there is this building called Wan (10 thousand) Nian (Year), and i believe there is one arcade at the top floor that has VF. Also you can check out the department store Lai Lai (come come ^^;) also around that area, i believe they also have an arcade near the top floor. There is a 3rd one (a more streetstyle...old style Taiwanese arcade) around Xi Men Ding i heard, personally i haven't had a chance to visit it but my friends visit there from time to time.

    These are all i know cuz i live close to that area, but it seems that more people are playing around the suburb (prolly due to higher availability of arcades). So if you have no luck finding competition or even finding the place, try ask around for directions (People hang around in the arcade prolly knows more than i do ^^)
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    Re: Thanks guys

    I really appreciate your help. it sounds like there isn't anything comparable to Shinjuku in Tokyo. any advice/warnings on Taiwanese gaming etiquette? and what do they call VF3? VF three or VF san/m perhaps?
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    Re: top taiwanese players are in ...

    the best taiwanese players should be in south of taiwan, what we call taiwan south ... sometimes they will visit taipei city (taiwan north) to find competition with those taipei vfers ... i personally met taiwan top 5 players (if i have not remembered wrongly as they claimed themselves, and they're travelling from Taiwan South) last Dec when i visited taipei (in a street arcade located in Ban ("plate") Qiao ("bridge")) ... a lot of KS and the first time i saw their VF2 Taiwanese step in VF3 combat (forward dash, CD, backward dash x2 , CD, forward dash, CD ...)

    one of that taiwanese said he should be the one attending the Max Battle if he was not going to mandatory taiwan national military school during Feb 97 since his rank in taiwan is higher than the one who has gone to MB at that time ...

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