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Discussion in 'Arcade' started by Fissure00, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Fissure00

    Fissure00 New Member

    Hi, I'm in tokyo for just a few more days, I've been to the Sega city in akhibara to play some vf5 and the place was dead. From what I've read it's the only location with any VF, is that true? When's a good time to go play against others? What's the etiquette when it comes to joining the 2 player machine?

    If I do get to play someone I'll get my butt handed to me. But I love the game and played it very solid until vf3 when the scene died a little in Ottawa (Canada), I've only just recently had a chance to play a bit of vf5 on the ps3, including multiplayer, where I of course get destroyed against players with 20k matches under their belt lol. Anyways, any info would be great, thanks!
  2. Modelah

    Modelah Well-Known Member VFDC Translator Content Manager Taka

    I live in Japan but don't frequent the arcades. From what I've heard from others the arcade VF scene is pretty much kaput here, but you could try Shinjuku or Shibuya. I think one (perhaps both) have a Sega-sponsored arcade so they're probably your best bet. @Stl_Tim was looking for arcades in Tokyo some time ago but didn't have much luck iirc.

    The average age of the Japanese VFer is late 30's and above so perhaps the best time to go is at night when they knock off work.

    Here are some pointers on general Japanese arcade etiquette for FGs

    There was no mention of how to make/initiate a challenge; I suppose just sitting down and inserting your coin unannounced is the way to go.

    Examples of bad manners
    • Lining up multiple coins on the cabinet
    • Hitting or kicking the cabinet and excessively rapping on the buttons/lever
    • Taunting the other player/smack talking
    • Ragequitting/purposely throwing a game
    Examples of good manners
    • Leave your seat quickly after the match has finished
    General play
    • It's OK to drink while playing, PET bottles are preferred over cans
    • Don't eat, the buttons and lever can get dirty
    • It's OK to smoke while playing (this is why I don't go personally)
    • Don't sit on a vacant seat to watch others play.
    According to the writer of this article, the FG community is generally pretty good when it comes to observing etiquette. Just remember that common sense prevails, such as not standing in the way of others watching or moving about.

    Good luck with your search!
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  3. Fissure00

    Fissure00 New Member

    Thanks for your help. I'm in akhibara now so I'll look in again at Sega, coming at night probably won't work as I'll be doing other things. If there's no players I can always check out the other games which we don't have back home.
  4. Fissure00

    Fissure00 New Member

    Well there's a ton of people here today, and someone on the two player machine, I asked him if I could play him and he said no lol

    Very different machines here, I don't get why every machine but one is single player. Weird.

    Edit.....ahhh I just figured out that these sit down cabinets are two player back to back! Lol, everything different in Japan!
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  5. Devdan

    Devdan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I was about to ask what are you talking about when I read "the two player machine". Almost every time I've gone to that Club Sega this year it's been packed. Packed as in, every machine has people on it, and there are spectators. Way too much pressure. There used to be other places you could go to, like Tokyo Leisureland, but they're totally abandoned VF. They went from 8 setups in 2012 to 0. Upsetting.

    I know Game Newton in Ooyama does VF stuff, but they're weird. I've only ever been there during 3rd Strike events, and they always have 2 of their 3 HD VF5 cabs turned off, and the 2 SD ones are running 3S instead. Dunno what a normal day is like for them. Also, they open pretty late. 1pm on weekends, 5pm on weekdays. Kind of crazy.
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  6. Fissure00

    Fissure00 New Member

    Cool. I will probably go to the akihabara one once more. I managed to win once out of maybe 10 matches, came close on another. I may look up some Sarah strategy before I go again, it was fun b anyhow. And they had 2 credits for 100 yen, which was great!
  7. PKGJimmy

    PKGJimmy Active Member

    I went to Akihabara October last year and May this year, it's hard to join a game!


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  8. Kurt

    Kurt Well-Known Member

    I don't know what you boys think but that looks pretty bloody lively to me!

    Also Sega needs to make VF 6 or this is going to end up as a retirement home game for a quarter. And us suckers will still play it !
  9. ToyDingo

    ToyDingo Well-Known Member

    I was in Shibuya last year, and the Sega arcade there had a good VF scene going. Though it was a weeknight so it was not packed, but there were still a good amount of games going.

    I miss Japan :(
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  10. Devdan

    Devdan Well-Known Member

    That's the one place I know about though. I'm an arcade addict, I've been to like 40+ arcades, and most of them don't have VF and if they do they have like one setup and nobody is ever playing it.
  11. Myke

    Myke Administrator Staff Member Content Manager Kage

    I went to the SEGA arcade in Akibahara about a month ago, during a one-night stop over in Tokyo on my way to Hokkaido for my annual snowboarding trip. The photos in @PKGJimmy post are pretty much exactly what my experience was like. The entire place was packed with people playing all night, with people standing behind every machine waiting to play. This is the view of the arcade from Akibahara JR station:


    All up, I could only stay there for about an hour before the cigarette smoke became overwhelming and had to make it out to catch the last trains. However, the place was filled with monsters like Homestay, Joseph, Busta, and Shishamo to name a few. My first 4 games were straight up against Homestay and I got bodied so bad you can still see the bruises. After that, I only managed to play against people I've never heard of before, and struggled just as bad. In total I managed just one, measly win in a total of 10 or 11 games played. It was both humbling and exciting to experience just how much stronger this scene is compared to anything else I've experienced.

    If you're ever out that way, do yourself a favour and go to the SEGA arcade in Akiba on a Friday night. You won't be sorry, but you'll definitely be sore! :)
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  12. Shoju

    Shoju Well-Known Member

    As much as I've always wanted to play in their arcades that's the one thing I wouldn't be able to stand. That used to be a problem in arcades here but they thankfully banned smoking in indoor places.
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  13. Player_1

    Player_1 Well-Known Member

    Chances are, well seemingly very slim after visiting plenty arcades mentioned here on the site the last couple of days, but does anyone know if there’s a VF4 cabinet still around in Tokyo or Osaka? Thaaaaanks! (“Goofy’s GORSH”: i’d sure love to play F.T. in this lifetime..)
  14. Stl_Tim

    Stl_Tim Well-Known Member Gold Supporter

    Your best chance would be mikado in takadanobaba for classic vf. If your looking for a challenge go to ooyama game newton. Mikado has regular hours, but ooyama game newton opens at 3pm.
  15. Player_1

    Player_1 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the quick reply! Mikado was still on the list but I did not know about ooyama. Will check them out and will report later this week..
  16. Player_1

    Player_1 Well-Known Member

    well! i went to Game Center Newton Sunday eve and there was one heck of a VF5 tournament going on. nearly every machine was playing VF5, the older chunky ‘new vs city’ machines with a crt as well (maybe it’s possible they play VF4 (2 or 3) otherwise, or is that insane?).
    i’ve been out of following the scene since VF4 F.T. but there were Beat Tribe Cup posters and matchmaking against the wall and the right half of my brain instantly stung from vicious sigarette smoke. the level of play was *delicious* and i was glad to catch the terrific vibe of the whole thing after seeing it online now -uhh- more than 10 years ago. (i have some pics and video i could upload if anyone wants it..

    Mikado only had VF2, 3 and 5..
    but i went and got the Naomi 2 GDROM for VF4 F.T. from a very friendly guy at G-Front, that had moved to a tiny, stuffed room, across their previous location. now all i need is a machiiiiine #_# and someone to come play meee ^_^
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